LG G8X ThinQ Dual screen mobile phone security

Securing a dual screen mobile phone is key in wireless retailing but sometimes it’s not easy –

Dual screen mobile phone security
Dual screen mobile phone security

Take for example the LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen

It seems like mobile phone makers have tried to shift to foldable phone formats for quite some time now.

Samsung was first to introduce a foldable mobile phone, appropriately coined – Samsung Fold.

This mobile device never saw store shelves or customer hands because of complications just before product launch.

LG has taken a safer approach and is announcing a dual screen adapter. This appendage plugs and plays with a standard LG G8 mobile phone adding a second screen and extending battery life.

Secure and display the dual screen in both open and closed states –

Double screen phone security

Hello Moto –

Recently there’s been a buzz in the wireless phone industry. The announcement of the launch of the new Motorola Razr has grabbed a lot of attention.

The original flip phone, Razr is getting a serious dual screen upgrade! When we first laid our eyes on the Razr back in 2004 we where smitten and this “Star Trek” type communication device became an iconic part of flip phone history.

We feel it will only be a matter of time before the shift to dual screen

With any shift there needs to be considerable impact in design and function until we give up what we’ve become accustomed to.

The Apple iPhone took on this responsibly in 2007 and 12 years ago created a shift that still has us holding onto a non-folding smartphone.

Follow the link to the Vise5 page of our website and feel free to contact us for further assistance in securing your LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen or other foldable smartphones.

Anti theft retail solutions

RTF has been providing anti theft, retail solutions for over 22 years!

We have seen a lot of changes over the last two decades where in 1997 most wireless store design didn’t even consider anti theft devices.

Today things have changed and wireless retailers are now very sophisticated.

The anti theft mechanisms not only hold a very high value to manage loss prevention but now smartphone retail display mounts have become a part of the look and feel of the store.

Anti theft retail solutions

RTF’s Vise5 anti theft solution checks all the boxes for today’s retailers.

The solution is scalable to suit the current need today as well as the unknown circumstances of the future.

Our anti theft solution is simple and straightforward. This allows retail store staff to quickly and intuitively learn how to use the Vise5 system.

Anti theft retail solution

Lastly, the main, core component of Vise5, Connect has a lifetime, no questions asked, warranty!

Vise5 could possibly be the last anti theft, retail solutions your company will ever need to invest in.

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Enterprise tablet security in retail shops

RTF supplies retailers merchandise asset management systems to stop shoplifting, drive sales and profitability.

Enterprise tablet security in retail shops
Enterprise tablet security in retail shops

Here is a project we recently completed for Tigo El Salvador. RTF, through our local partner, AS MEDIOS, delivers an aesthetically pleasing and affordable solution for enterprise tablet security in retail shops.

Enterprise tablet bracket
Enterprise tablet brackets

Tigo invested in one of RTF’s simplest and most affordable enterprise tablet security systems. Facing the customer this installation includes a straight forward lockdown mount, a Connect, a set of large tablet arms and a charging cable.

Tablet protection lock
Tablet protection locks

Vise5 + is the enterprise tablet solution that Tigo chose and the right decision for your store, bank, medical institution or school.

Contact RTF for assistance and pricing!

High demand, hardcore defence, HD smartphone security systems designed to stop iPhone theft

What is the the most pressing issue plaguing wireless retailers today? It is to ensure iPhones are secure in their stores from theft.

With 22 years of experience, leading the retail display management industry in high end security it is time to increase the gap and widen our lead in iPhone security technology.

Secure iPhones from theft in stores

In 2001, RTF introduced Vise. The first mechanical locking claw on the market soon became an industry standard where all competition followed.

We set the trend again, paving the way for all others to follow.

Is “quick release”, used to define a high security smartphone protection system an oxymoron?

Heavy duty or high security should not include a “quick release” reference within the system’s operational manual. Being able to release an expensive mobile asset quickly is like leaving the front door open to Fort Knox.

iPhone theft in retail stores

A true HD system is innately designed to deter theft first, secondly ensure the expensive device remains intact and lastly, undamaged.

HD security systems need to have limited connection points and release in a slow, methodical, timely process ensuring when a culprit hacks your security the “quick release”, operational feature you invested in is not your loss prevention nemesis.

RTF has the experience and innovative natural to design smartphone merchandise solution that aren’t “me too”.

Vise HD stands alone as the most secure, iPhone theft defense on the market today!

To ensure iPhones are secure in your stores and stop theft contact RTF –