The Highest Security Lockdown Solution for Smartphones

A combination of organized shoplifting gangs and lone-wolf criminals makes the need for display security essential for mobile phone retailers. The National Retail Foundation estimates retail theft neared the $100 billion mark in 2021, and this rising crime wave shows no signs of slowing.

Now more than ever, mobile retailers need an anti-theft solution that can protect their inventory while also showcasing the phone and displaying all of its selling features. That’s why RTF Global launched the HD Flip mobile anti-theft device. Convenient for customers to access products and impossible for shoplifters to circumvent, the mobile phone anti-theft display holder is proving to be a game-changer.

Why Using the HD Flip Works

The advanced design allows customers to examine the front and back of the device of the HD Flip is the latest evolution of anti-theft items designed to deter theft. It utilizes a sturdy base that store operators can easily slip a wide range of phones into and secure them in place using a security key. Unlike many previous models in its class, the HD Flip provides a 180-degree consumer experience. The HD Flip comes in white, is made of steel construction, and allows for phones to automatically return to a resting position.

In recent years, phone cameras and video recording applications have emerged as popular accessories. And with the rollout of 5G, phone buyers are more inclined to select a phone based on these little extras. With the HD Flip, customers can review these features easily while the phone is secure to a retail display.

Improves Shrink

Using anti-theft devices is a powerful deterrent against theft. Not only does it make it difficult to remove for customers, but it also can deter employees from theft. While easy to install, our anti-theft devices, like the HD Flip, are known to be difficult to remove. Adding these devices to your retail displays can reduce shrink at your store.

Improves Sales Opportunities

The HD Flip lets customers handle the phone and check out its capabilities. Without a mobile phone anti-theft display holder, salespeople would only be able to show devices to people one at a time.

Inexpensive Security Investment

Compared to the excessive losses retailers suffer, relatively inexpensive security measures such as the HD Flip deliver a robust return on investment.

Contact RTF Global About the HD Flip Anti-Theft Device

At RTF Global, we’ve created some of the most effective retail anti-theft devices available. The HD Flip is our latest device that protects your merchandise while allowing customers a new 180—degree view of cell phones. Trust us to protect your phones from theft and give you peace of mind. To get a quote or find out more information about the HD Flip and our other anti-devices, contact us today.


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