Vise5™ Anti-Theft Display Holder

Our line of Vise5™ anti-theft display holders allow customers to explore and interact with new mobile devices before making a purchase.

Security Display Holders for Phones and Tablets

Smartphone attached to a white Vise 5 security device from RTF Global
Smartphone being held by a Boomarang 5 security device from RTF Global

Vise 5

Vise 5 is the most versatile security display holder for smartphones and tablets, with adjustable arms to accommodate any size of device. The Vise5 anti-theft display holder can be configured in multiple ways:

  • tethered with an aircraft cable recoiler,
  • equipped with an alarm system,
  • locked down for highest security.

Like all our Vise solutions, they are available in black and white as well as low profile mount and high angle mount.

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Tablet display secured by Vise 5 Q from RTF Global

Vise 5Q™

Our additional Q-arm gives extra protection against theft, especially for larger devices and tablets.

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