Why Us

Who we are

RTF’s 23 year history has allowed us to understand the complex challenges retailers face on a day-to-day basis. Innovation and problem solving is at the core of what we do. That’s why through our own research and development we have created solutions for the Retail Display Management industry’s biggest challenges. We service many retail sectors in countries across the world ranging from telecommunications to power tools and other valuable goods. 

What we do

Over the course of our 23 year history in the Retail Display Management industry we have become experts at creating display solutions for products that are flexible, secure, sustainable, affordable and above all, aesthetically pleasing. 

Through our innovative software application, SmartCircle, we go one step further in helping you achieve success. We attract, engage and convert your customers using SmartCircle’s intuitive technology and on-screen marketing capabilities across all devices. 

Our global customers

To successfully deploy smartphone security and asset protection around the world we work with a well appointed group of global partners. Our smart phone security protection partners ensure RTF products and services are available virtually everywhere.

Smart phone security mounts and fixtures – RTF has it covered.