HD Flip anti-theft device for mobile retailers

HD Flip™️

The all-new HD Flip™ is a leader in anti-theft devices for mobile phones, granting you more mobility and visibility than ever for your display phones, while never compromising security. Its 180-degree flipping action allows customers to flip smartphones so they’re able to examine cameras, colours, and other features, all while keeping the phone securely locked in place.

Smartphones are tactile devices and allowing your customer to handle them, flip them over, and view the camera and other features can be key in closing a lucrative sale. However, security is a constant concern.

Never worry about smartphone theft again with the HD Flip!

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Guaranteed Security to Prevent Theft

Now more than ever, phone display security is top of mind for retailers, and the HD Flip comes with a number of features to ensure your merchandise remains secure.

Security Features of Vise HD Flip

  • Solid steel vise locks smartphones into place
  • Adjustable arms fit all smartphones
  • Requires proprietary security key to open
  • Easy installation
  • Quick release tab makes it easy for staff to remove
  • Auto-return to resting position eliminates risk of damage
  • Damping mechanism for smooth operation
HD Flip from RTF Global

The solid steel vise lock of the HD Flip hold the phone securely in place and requires a proprietary key to open. For your convenience, it’s also equipped with a quick-release removal tab, a damping mechanism to provide smooth operation, and an auto-return to rest position to prevent damage to the phone. The HD Flip is easily charged with an included OEM cable.

As the premier lockdown solution for smartphones, the HD Flip completely eliminates the risk of theft and gives customers the tactile experience they’re looking for when shopping for smartphones. Not only will the HD Flip prevent theft, but it may also boost sales! Our patent pending anti-theft devices for mobile phones are trusted by tech giants like Rogers, Fido, Shaw, and many more.

RTF Global has been providing peace of mind for retailers for over 25 years, and our HD Flip is just the latest in a line of merchandise security innovations that blend clean, attractive design with top-tier security technology.

Compatible Devices with Vise HD Flip

The HD Flip is designed with a wide variety of smartphones in mind, and its adjustable locking arms will accommodate many different devices from a range of manufacturers, including:

  • iPhone
  • Samsung
  • Google
  • Motorola
  • Vivo
  • Xiaomi
  • Windows
  • Huawei
  • And many more!

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