HD Flip anti-theft device for mobile retailers

HD Flip™

A smartphone secured in a Vise HD security device from RTF Global

Vise HD™

Smartphone attached to a white Vise 5 security device from RTF Global

Vise 5™

Vise 5+

Vise 5+™

Smartphone being held by a Boomarang 5 security device from RTF Global

Boomerang 5™

Smartwatch secured by the Vise W.

Vise W™

SmartCircle by SensorMedia from RTF Global


Omnisense digital signage solution for mobile phone retailers


At RTF Global, we are dedicated to providing security solutions to ensure mobile phone retail stores are protected against theft. A primary way we achieve this is with specially designed anti-theft devices for mobile phone retailers. We offer security solutions that are easy to apply, though tough to remove, with an aim to reduce theft of mobile phones and other high-value devices.

Phone display using anti-theft devices for mobile phone retailers by RTF Global

Customizable Security Solutions for Phones

Where other security solutions may hinder the customer experience by not allowing full use of the device, we pride ourselves on offering display security that is made to suit any phone: from smartphones, flip phones, and folding phones. Our security products for cell phone retailers are specially designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing displays and enhance customer experience while reducing shrink.

Security Products for Mobile Phone Retailers

Our range of products offer varying levels of protection and can fit any need, budget, or type of device. Among our robust product line is an industry leader in display security, the Vise 5. RTF offers additional leading security devices, like the Vise 5, Boomerang and Vise W and Vise 5+. With anti-theft devices for phones that are adaptable without compromising their security, mobile phone retailers can be confident that their stock is secured with RTF Global products.

Mobile Phone Security Product Features 

Discover the mobile phone security products that are available to retailers from RTF Global. Select a product that meets your security level, budget, and retail display needs. Safeguard your mobile phone inventory with security products from RTF Global.

Vise HD

The Vise HD offers the highest level of security for displaying smartphones and is guaranteed to prevent theft in retail stores. Safely secure your various smartphone brands like iPhones, Samsung’s, and Google Pixels with all-metal Vise locks that secure all sides of the device.  


This anti-theft device for mobile phones is the most versatile security display holder. The adjustable arms can accommodate any size of mobile phone and can be configured in multiple ways. Use the varying mount heights to create a dynamic display while products are tethered with an aircraft cable recoiler that is equipped with an alarm system.  

Boomerang 5

Confidently display smartphones with the Boomerang 5. This anti-theft mobile device displays smartphones using VHB tape and mechanical aircraft cable recoilers. The Boomerang 5 is easy to install on various store displays but is tough to remove. The sleek design of this security product fits seamlessly into any existing store displays.

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