Omnisense digital signage solution for mobile phone retailers
OmniSense being used with two smartphones showing information on the screen
OmniSense displaying information about a smartphone
OmniSense playing a promotional video on a TV screen
OmniSense software and RTF Global Inc. security system used for containers, such as cannabis


Create customized, engaging, content that captures your customer’s attention with OmniSense™, a digital signage solution for retailers.

OmniSense is a combined software/hardware solution that allows retailers to present merchandise in a vivid, explorative and informative content.

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How it works:

Merchandise is displayed using a store fixture, either custom-made or we can adapt our hardware to existing fixtures. An idle video attracts the shopper’s attention and invites interaction with the merchandise. The merchandise is secured with a recoiling tether to the display, which is also a theft deterrent. Once the product is lifted, the screen content changes and the shopper learns more about the product. There are endless applications including electronics, mobile phone dummies, cannabis containers, and cosmetics.

Grab Your Customer’s Attention with Effective Digital Signage

When you implement OmniSense into your retail store your advertisements and branding come to life. You can create modern, dynamic retail displays that can increase revenue and improve the customer experience.

The OmniSense retail digital signage solution is comprised of:

  • Smart Player – an off-the-shelf Android box, pre-loaded with software
  • SmartCircle – a powerful device software management tool to create, distribute, and engage across your devices
  • Retail display with smart recoilers

Key Features of OmniSense

  • Seamless installation
  • Easily scalable
  • Activate all screens using one system
  • Can be connected to a speaker for audio
  • Create engaging displays with dummy phones
  • Display new deals and promotions instantly
  • Curate brand messaging
  • Manage multiple locations on one device

Compelling and Engaging Retail Signage Solution for New Products

The OmniSense digital signage solution can be adapted to any product that has a stationary retail display. Grab your customers’ attention and boost your retail store’s success, by dynamically featuring product specs or promotions when a customer interacts with an item in the display. With OmniSense, you can create interactive, modern, and secure retail displays that will elevate the customer experience and drive-up revenue.

OminiSense was designed for use with: 

  • Mobile phone dummy displays 
  • Cannabis container displays 
  • Cosmetics 
  • Power tool displays 
  • Handheld household appliance displays (vacuums, hair dryers) 
  • Handheld electronic displays (headphones, cameras, tablets) 

Better Engagement for Mobile Phone Retailers

Enhance your dummy mobile phone displays by serving dynamic content that highlights your device features and promotions every time a customer picks up the device. With OmniSense, you can deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time and place, while keeping your mobile phone inventory secure. This in-store digital signage solution helps you integrate the online and physical shopping experience right from your store.  

Retailers are constantly adapting to purchasing behaviour shifts, and many retailers have had to return to dummy phone displays to reduce theft. OmniSense allows you to provide an interactive experience without sacrificing security. You can seamlessly change your offers in real-time on your smartphone displays, and the display can adapt to multiple phones at once using a split-screen feature. Turn your retail displays into signage that engage your customer from the time they enter your store until the point of purchase. 


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