Smartphone being held by a Boomarang 5 security device from RTF Global
Display security for cell phones with the Boomerang 5 by RTF Global.
Display security for tablets with the Boomerang 5 by RTF Global.

Boomerang 5™️

Securing dummy tablets and smartphones to a retail display while making the security devices fit seamlessly in the store aesthetic proves challenging. The Boomerang 5™ is one of RFT Global’s more versatile display security options for cell phones and tablets alike. This security device has the ability to secure any brand’s dummy smartphone or tablet using VHB tape along with a mechanical aircraft cable recoiler. This is an ideal solution for mock or dummy devices in store as it works with all smartphone and tablet sizes.

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Protect Your Devices with Display Solutions for Tablets and Cell Phones 

The Boomerang 5 is a well-designed display system that protects dummy phones and other merchandise from theft. Use this anti-theft device to secure your tablets to retail displays or counters. The VHB tape and recoiler provide a secure solution that will keep your tablets and other devices in place. 

The Boomerang 5 is cost-effective, easy to install, and covered by industry-leading warranties.  

Boomerang 5 securing a tablet to a retail display

Security Features of the Boomerang 5

  • Versatile design with tough-to-remove adhesive tape, suitable for securing nearly any electronic device.
  • Easy to install on store displays, though tough to remove.
  • Mechanical recoiler for added security.
  • Sleek design, so it can fit seamlessly within your existing store display.

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