“The rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” Said the laptop.

By Stefan Wiesen, CEO of RTF Global Inc with files from REUTERS

The world has stocked up on laptop and desktop computers since the breakout of the pandemic at a level not seen since the iPhone debuted in 2007, and manufacturers still are months away from fulfilling outstanding orders, hardware industry executives and analysts said.

Remote learning and working has upturned the computer market during the coronavirus pandemic, zapping sales of smartphones while boosting interest in bigger devices, which had become afterthoughts to iPhones and Androids over the last decade.

Here are the big players:

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Major manufacturers like Samsung who put all their bets on Tablets, are coming back with force to participate in that laptop renaissance.

Demand is so brisk and supply is so restricted that many retailers sell even their demo units to satisfy customers. The logic is “why having a demo unit, when I don’t have inventory for a while?”

Unfortunately, the general increase in shoplifting due to the pandemic in conjunction with the hotness of that item, left retailers faced with a major challenge. How can I increase my retail display security and which retail security product is suitable to balance these challenges? More specifically:

1. How do I display my laptops attractively and allow maximum consumer interaction?
2. How do I provide a high level of loss prevention?
3. How do I quickly rearrange my display store fixtures as supply fluctuates wildly?

Companies securing valuable assets such as smartphones, tablets and laptops have risen to that challenge with innovative solutions. One of these companies is RTF Global.

Securing Laptop
Securing Laptop
RTF Vise HDL. Highest security level. Installs in seconds without tools. Full consumer interaction.

Secure retail store fixtures


Throughout the Covid-19 period there has been increasing uncertainty surrounding the future of retail and the industry encompassing it.


RTF is proud to announce that during this precarious time we kept our staff safe, employed and supplied our valued customers secure retail store fixtures.

Shaw Communications was confident and envisioned the return to retail opening new stores after the last months of upheaval.

secure retail store fixtures

RTF provides secure retail store fixtures for many international customers and Shaw, being Canadian, is close to our hearts.

For this particular project we customized our retail display security mount to Shaw’s specifications providing a custom look and feel.

retail store fixture security

Over the next couple years we feel stronger, local communities will form both involving our personal and business networks.

During this time of change both Shaw and RTF displayed a strong belief in the future of retail along with supporting local.

Retail security systems in Canada

For 23 years RTF Global Inc. has supplied Canadian retailers merchandise security solutions to protect displayed items.

retail security systems Canada

Over the last quarter century RTF secured smartphones, tablets, wearables, TV remotes, makeup testers, electric razors and paint samples… just to name a few.

With offices north of Toronto, our Orangeville based business is proud of the long standing relationships with Canadian retailers such as Freedom Mobile, The Mobile Shop, Walmart and Home Depot.

Throughout our long history the value of our relationships in Canada has been our main goal and with this focus RTF has seen year over year success and growth.

Covid-19 shield for smartphones

Now, during this precarious time, as retail reopens, we are providing wireless retailers in Canada and around the world a means to merchandise their smartphones in retail stores.

ViseShield allows mobile phones to be merchandised at the same time of giving the customer piece of mind.

Covid-19 Plexiglas mobile phone guard

SmartCircle is a retail demo mode that wireless carriers manage and control. With the first wave of customer returning marketing campaigns can be targeted to this specific group, the Millennials.

ViseShield covering Vise5, along with SensorMedia’s patented software is both smart and safe!

RTF plans to supply retail security systems in Canada for many more years to come.

Samsung Flip phone security

At RTF we are amazed that you can now fold a smartphone in half and we are now equipped with the best Samsung Flip phone security solution.

samsung flip phone security

So if you can fold a smartphone you will need to spotlight this important feature, on display, in store. Right???

At RTF we support our customer’s drive to create the best, interactive environment for the consumer.

Enter our mighty and slick Vise5! RTF’s locking claw, mechanical gripper was designed to protect a wide range of consumer electronics.

flip phone security

The new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip falls into that category and RTF’s iconic Vise, retail security solution secures and protects the Samsung Flip both open, and closed.

So you’re covered for both display interaction and smartphone security. Plus we have something else up our sleeve… a whole lot of sexy!!!

SensorMedia is the leader in telecom retail demo mode software development.

What’s that??? Well, its when the wireless retailer takes control of the on display smartphone and turns the device into a powerful retail tool that both saves and makes money!!!

We believe that in the new world economy controlling the device’s message directly correlates to winning subscriptions and beating your competition.

samsung galaxy flip phone security

We also maintain that RTF supplies the best Samsung Flip phone security solution!

Retractable display tethers for retail merchandise

Retractable display tethers ensure retailers, like Home Depot that the merchandise is both presentable and secure.

Retractable display tethers
Mechanical retractable display tether

Anti-theft recoilers, pull boxes and retractable security tethers come in many shapes, forms, cable thicknesses along with lengths.

Entry level recoiling display tethers are mechanical and utilize aircraft cable recoilers to make the tethers cut resistant to scissors.

Electronic retractable display tethers
Electronic retractable display tethers

More sophisticated and higher security retractable display cables employ electronics to sound an alarm when the cable is severed.

There is a wide range of tuits, or tether end fittings to suit and retail display security project and RTF has the expertise and I high level of support to ensure your display merchandise campaign is a success.

 Mechanical retractable display tethers
Mechanical retractable display tethers