Power tool retail display secured by a Vise LC recoiler from RTF Global.

Recoilers for Secure Retail Displays

Recoilers for secure retail displays are made specifically to protect your high-price point inventory.

Retail displays and visual merchandising are integral to driving attention and conversions to merchandise displayed in retail stores. People are driven by sight when it comes to purchasing products, especially valuable merchandise like power tools, lawn and garden equipment, and electronics.

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High Security, Endless Configurations

Customers shop at brick-and-mortar locations because they want to touch, feel, and see items in person. It’s one of the main reasons why customers choose to shop offline; to see your merchandise in person. Using recoilers to secure retail displays means that you do not have to sacrifice customer interaction for loss prevention.

RTF Global’s security recoilers are flexible, adaptable, and designed to be easily integrated into multiple display fixtures. The security tethers can be easily attached to peg board retail displays to secure power tools like drills, saws, or grinders. You can use these recoilers with ease to configure retail displays for the needs of your specific products.

Anti-Theft Recoilers for Retail Displays

Give your customers an immersive experience while safeguarding your valuable inventory. Display your products with confidence knowing that they are protected from theft with RTF Global’s recoilers. Our security tethers come in a variety of colors, lengths, built-in alarms, and configurations to easily integrate into any retail display. Our recoilers can be easily added to varying sizes of inventory items like chainsaws to footwear, and electronics.

Improve Display Effectiveness with Security Tethers and Recoilers

We offer a variety of recoiler options that meet the security needs of retailers. Our in-house tethers can be used to secure:

Protect Your Retail Displays with the Vise LC Recoiler

The Vise LC™ recoiler is a simple, cost-effective display solution that provides an adequate level of loss prevention. There are endless configurations possible: securing the recoiler can be accomplished with a lasso, with tape, and with or without an alarm – depending on the customer’s requirements. The alarm version of the Vise LC recoiler is ideal for high ticket items, with many special applications. If you need help finding a retail security solution for your merchandise, get in touch with our team.


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