A smartphone secured in a Vise HD security device from RTF Global
A smartphone securely displayed using a white Vise HD from RTF Global

Vise HD™️

Vise HD™ provides mobile phone retailers with the highest level of phone display security, especially for high-value smartphones like Samsung and iPhone devices. Its locking security bracket and locking claws ensure your highest-priced items are safe and secure. Retailers around the world struggle with the theft of Apple iPhones, Samsung smartphones, and other high value brands, resulting in millions of dollars in merchandise loss. With Vise HD protecting your inventory of smartphones, you mitigate the risk of theft.

Like all our Vise solutions, the Vise HD is available in black and white as well as low profile mount and high angle mount.

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Guaranteed Security to Prevent In-Store Theft 

As the highest security solution for displaying smartphones, Vise HD is guaranteed to prevent in-store theft. The Vise HD features all metal Vise locks that secure the smartphone from both the top and side of the device. At RTF Global, we are so confident in the robust security design of Vise HD that we will offer to replace any stolen iPhone, Samsung device, or other high-value smartphone in the unlikely event that it is stolen.

Compatible Mobile Devices with Vise HD 

The Vise HD is designed to accommodate a variety of high-risk, high-value smartphones. With adjustable locking arms in the phone display mount, the Vise HD can secure common brands of smartphones, such as: 

  • iPhone 
  • Samsung 
  • Xiaomi 
  • Windows 
  • Huawei 
  • Google 
  • Vivo 
  • Motorola 
  • And more 

Security Features of the Vise HD 

  • One size fits all phones 
  • Optional low-profile mount or high-angle mount 
  • Easy installation, though tough for unwanted removal 
  • Easy removal with Vise HD key for nightly removal or storage 
  • A metal Vise locks to secure the smartphone from the top and the side 
  • Easy mounting to walls or displays 

To learn more about the Vise HD, get in touch with the RTF Global team today.  

Looking for a more flexible and interactive phone display security solution? Check out our all-new HD FlipTM which allows for 180-degree flipping action so customers can view both the front and back of your retail store’s mobile devices. We also offer the Vise HD+ which is a retail security device that’s specially designed for tablets. 


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