Vise5 +™ is the tablet application of our Vise5 product line. The operating principle is identical – the Vise 5+ is engineered to provide maximum security without compromising the interactive and hands-on experience that customers need when considering whether to purchase a new tablet. No matter what tablets your electronics store displays, the Vise 5+ ensures a seamless and secure experience.

A tablet display secured by the Vise 5+ Q-arm.
A tablet attached to the Vise 5+ security holder.
An Apple iPad Pro secured by the Vise 5+ from RTF Global.

Vise 5+™️

Features of the Vise 5+™

  • Extended arms to accommodate larger tablets.
  • Adaptable and versatile design.
  • Uses a modular system to allow for a smooth transition between phones and tablets during re-merchandising.

For enhanced protection in all directions, the Q-arm is highly recommended. The Q-arm sets a new standard for security, providing comprehensive coverage and stability for your tablet display. 

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Secure Your Tablet Displays with the Vise 5+

With Vise5+, you not only benefit from a versatile tablet application but also have the option to customize your security setup with the Q-arm, offering an extra layer of defense for your valuable devices. Interested in upgrading your tablet security to the Vise 5+? Contact RTF Global to get started.


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