Watch display with a Vise W anti-theft security device from RTF Global
Wearables security for watches by the Vise W from RTF Global Inc.
Anti-theft Vise W device from RTF Global on a smartwatch display
Store display of smartwatches secured with a Vise W anti-left protection from RTF Global

Vise W™️

Vise W™ marries security and functionality with clean, modern design to solve the issue of theft with Apple watches, Fitbits and other wearable devices. This security device for watches and wearables features a unique lockdown mechanism, lift and optional enclosure for all smartwatches, that allows for added security without covering functional aspects of the device. This means that customers can still interact with the watch fully before making a purchase.

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Better Smartwatch Security for Your Retail Displays

Investing in a robust security system that allows your merchandise to be secure while still being displayed in an attractive way is no easy feat, but Vise W does just that. Through strong locking arms and integrated charging cords, your smartwatches and wearables can be securely displayed and fully functional for your customers to interact with.

Devices that are Compatible with Vise W 

The Vise W was designed for use primarily with wearable electronic devices and various smartwatches. Due to its unique design, it provides robust security for different sized smartwatches and wearables, including common brands of smartwatches, such as:  

  • Fitbit   
  • Apple Watches   
  • Garmin Watches   
  • Samsung Watches   

Security Features of the Vise W 

  • Optional enclosures for increased security 
  • Proprietary locking tool 
  • Slim and attractive design 
  • Optional addition of alarm for added security 
  • All metal frame for lasting security 
  • Easy installation, though tough to remove 

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