Advantages of Using Security Clamps for Mobile Devices

Looking for the best retail security devices for mobile stores? High-security devices with integrated clamping mechanisms could be the most protective and efficient option. These units rely on secure clamps that are fully adjustable to accommodate devices of different sizes. Take a look at the overall benefits of using retail security devices that have security clamps to protect mobile devices in your store.

Adjustable Clamps Work with Multiple Devices

Ant-theft security clamp devices are fully adjustable. This means the setup can be adjusted in terms of height and length to make sure devices of different sizes are firmly held in place. This configurable setup makes it easier for retailers to use a consistent security solution across multiple devices.

Security Clamps for Mobile Devices Are Not Quick Release

Quick-release security systems were once the industry standard for mobile device displays. However, these were not always efficient units to deter theft. By contrast, security solutions with integrated clamps are not designed with the same quick-release mechanisms. The unit must be disengaged by an employee in order to remove the device from the display.

Simple for Employees to Set Up and Use

Security clamps may be more effective when it comes to deterring theft, but they are also simpler to use. The setup does not require the use of bolts, keys, or tools to mount the phones in place and secure them. When phones and mobile devices are being switched out often, the more simplistic design can be much easier to use and far less time-consuming to work with.

Reduce In-Store Problems with Mobile Device Theft Long Term

With security devices that clamp a device in place, you can drastically cut instances of loss due to theft. Devices are extremely secure and tamper-proof. There is no need to invest in new devices when new smartphones are released because the clamps are adjustable. For example, the Vise HD retail security device for mobile phone retailers has a robust, adjustable security design. This one unit also works with phones from different manufacturers, such as:

  • iPhone
  • Google
  • Samsung
  • Huawei
  • Vivo
  • Motorola
  • Windows
  • And more

Achieve Merchandise Security for Smartphones with Help from RTF Global

RTF Global specializes in anti-theft solutions for mobile device retailers. We can customize a solution that works with your current retail displays and can secure a variety of different smartphones. Contact us today to learn about our mobile phone security devices.


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