Apple Tracks iPhones Stolen from Retail Stores

Retail stores have long been targets of theft as people look to make a quick profit by stealing valuable merchandise. As technology advances, people are finding new and creative ways to bypass traditional security measures. In response, mobile retail stores are adapting and implementing new strategies to target theft. One of those strategies is to use technology and tracking to deter theft and lock smartphones from being used that have been stolen.  

Apple is one of those retailers that has implemented this feature and has disabled demo phones that have been stolen from their retail stores. By investing in anti-theft securing devices and using technology to their advantage, retailers can protect their inventory and reduce shrinkage.  

How Apple is Deterring Theft in Their Stores

In recent years, Apple has seen an increase in theft and theft attempts at their retail stores. With valuable merchandise and products in their store, the incentive for thieves is high. To combat this, Apple is using special security software installed on demo phones that can easily track the whereabouts of the stolen inventory. Images on social media have shown what the message says. A message on the screen will read, ‘Please return to Apple [Store Location]. This device has been disabled and is being tracked. Local authorities will be alerted.’ Because of the special software installed on demo phones, Apple retailers can activate the response with the hopes of getting the stolen merchandise back and limiting the opportunity for the devices to be sold in the underground market. Apple has declined to comment on the images of the message on stolen phones as they say they do not comment on security matters. It is fair to say that this could be an effective solution for deterring theft in their stores.

Anti-theft Solutions Reduce Theft in Stores

Mobile retailers can protect their valuable merchandise from being stolen with anti-theft devices in retail displays. Instead of locking phones once they’ve been stolen, security devices lock down phones to displays that are tough to remove. By installing these products, retailers can stop organized crime, looting, and individuals from stealing their inventory.  

RTF Global has decades of experience protecting mobile devices with its security products. Our products safely secure devices to their retail displays without impacting the customer experience. Your customers can easily interact, touch, and pick up phones while still being secured to its retail display. Our products have varying levels of protection and devices.

Vise HD Flip™

HD Flip anti-theft device for mobile retailers

The Vise HD Flip allows for more mobility and visibility than ever before to display phones. Customers can flip the phone 180 degrees to examine the camera, colour, and other features.

Vise HD™

A smartphone securely displayed using a white Vise HD from RTF Global

The Vise HD provides retailers with the highest level of security. It uses a locking security bracket and locking claws to keep phones secured to retail displays. Use this device to keep your highest-valued phones safe.

Vise 5™

Smartphone attached to a white Vise 5 security device from RTF Global

Our most versatile security device holder keeps smartphones safe and secure. It has adjustable arms to accommodate phones of various sizes. Choose from black or white to add to your retail display.

Advanced Anti-theft Solutions for Mobile Store Retailers

Thefts are Apple stores serve as a stark reminder of the importance of securing inventory to protect against theft. With the rise of sophisticated tracking and locking technology, it is becoming increasingly difficult for criminals to profit from stolen goods. This means that stores must be proactive in implementing effective security measures to prevent theft from occurring in the first place. By investing in anti-theft security solutions and using technology to their advantage, retailers can better protect their inventory and avoid potentially devastating losses. Contact RTF Global today to learn about how our anti-theft devices for mobile retailers can help reduce shrink in your stores.


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