How Much Theft Is Occurring at Lawn and Garden Centers?

Theft at lawn and garden centers has been an ongoing problem for retailers. The merchandise sold at lawn and garden centers is both high-value and holds a high resale value on the second-hand market. With a better understanding of the issues facing lawn and garden centers, retailers can implement proven strategies to reduce theft.

Theft at Lawn and Garden Centers is Higher Than Average

Lawn and garden centers are actually more prone to theft than average retailers. The fact that a lot of the merchandise may be kept outdoors or in outlying areas of a store can contribute to the higher rate of theft. These are difficult-to-secure retail environments. According to Lawn & Garden Retailer, garden centers are experiencing an average theft-related loss of three to six percent of gross sales. And the average shoplifting incident costs as much as $100 or more.

Common High-Value Lawn and Garden Items Targeted for Theft 

Several items in a lawn and garden center can be at a greater risk of theft, including: 

  • Lawn and garden equipment, such as mowers, landscape tools, and blowers 
  • Bagged aggregate, mulch, and ground cover 
  • Landscape stone, such as stepping stones and garden border stones 
  • Plants, such as shrubs, trees, and flowers 

How to Prevent Lawn Equipment from Being Stolen

1. Educate Employees

A good loss prevention strategy starts with your employees. Make sure your employees are equipped with knowledge about things like which items are most often stolen and where they should dedicate their attention to prevent theft. For example, something as simple as educating an employee about monitoring a customer that is loading purchased merchandise can prevent shoplifting incidents involving a customer taking more than what they pay for.

2. Understand the Risks and Vulnerabilities

All retailers are at risk in the modern environment when it comes to theft and organized crime. Organized retail crime theft, where one person or a group enters a store to illegally obtain large amounts of merchandise, is on the rise for many retailers, and lawn and garden centers need to be aware of the areas the store that areas vulnerable. The more you understand your risks, the more you can allocate the proper resources to counteract problems.

3. Negate Easy Access to Products

Physically securing products to retail displays is a straightforward way to deter theft at lawn and garden centers. RTF Global’s complete security solution is focused on implementing retail security devices that can be easily installed into current retail displays and offer a high level of deterrence against theft. Recoilers, wall adapters and cable locks are included in the solution and can be installed on displays like pegboards, slatwalls, and gridwalls to keep various items, tools, and equipment secure.

Achieve Store Theft Prevention with Help from RTF Global 

Looking to make your lawn and garden center more secure? The professionals at RTF Global can help. Our solutions for lawn and garden products will help prevent theft for retailers, reducing shrinkage and improving their bottom line. Contact us to discuss your needs and how we can work be an extension of your loss prevention strategy. 


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