Using Technology to Prevent Organized Retail Crime

Organized Retail Crime (ORC) is affecting retailers daily, and the problem is growing at an alarming rate. It can cost retailers roughly 1% in total sales. Even more alarming, retailers reported an uptick in aggression and violence associated with theft and other forms of retail fraud last year.

For many years, retailers have used a defensive strategy to counteract thieves and crime. Due to the rising rates of ORC and related violence, moving from a defensive strategy to an offensive strategy with technology to prevent events is a smart move for retailers. Thankfully, there are several types of retail loss prevention technology that can be used for preventing retail theft.

Types of Retail Loss Prevention Technology in Use Today

There are a number of routes to preventing retail theft by using technology. Below is a look at a few ways to prevent theft in retail environments with innovative, offensive strategies.


Cameras are a low-cost solution that are far more mobile thanks to wireless technology. They can be positioned pretty much anywhere inside or outside a store, even in the parking lot. Cameras allow the store to see what is happening in all areas, even without physical presence. Visible camera units with lights, screens, and speakers are excellent for deterring criminals.

Tracking Patterns and Data

Tracking patterns of theft and data help retailers to learn what products are most targeted and where losses are occurring so they can better protect inventory. This information can be used to build a case when ORC takes place on a broader scale. For example, the technology used to track what people steal through self-checkouts by checking scan accuracy paired with a camera system shows which customers are stealing and what they are taking.

Locking Carts

Locking carts are a more innovative technology being used by some retailers to deter pushout theft. Pushout theft is the name for events that involve a shoplifter simply pushing stolen merchandise out the door in a shopping cart. Locking carts are programmed to lock up when someone tries to walk out of a store with items in the cart that have not been paid for.

Alarmed Retail Security Devices

Alarmed retail security devices attach to the merchandise to prevent theft but still allow items to be displayed in the store for customers to interact with. These devices can be used to display many different products such as mobile phones and power tools in hardware stores. RTF Global is an industry leader in retail loss prevention with its alarmed retail anti-theft devices that both secure the inventory and alert staff members when an item is removed from the display.

Alarmed recoiler attached to a drill

Trusted Security Solutions that Deter Organized Retail Crime

By implementing theft-prevention technology, retailers can proactively create a loss prevention strategy that tackles organized retail crime. Across North America and Europe, retailers trust RTF Global to secure their merchandise to retail displays using advanced technology and innovations. We offer a complete line of cost-effective and customizable anti-theft solutions that will reduce shrinkage. Learn how we can help retailers invest in the latest retail theft prevention devices that work.


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