Retail Security for Refurbished Phones

Vise 5

Vise5 is easy to retrofit to a variety of retail store fixtures. It also has the ability to protect a wide range of devices such as phones and tablets. Another great feature to this product is the customization options available. This includes a simple version where the device is “locked down”, another allows interactivity through a “lift” function. Another option is an alarm system. It all depends on your budget and security needs.

Screen Demo Unit

With the rapid expansion of the repair/refurbish industry, consumers are asking for a top quality repair or replacement device. With the screen being the main replacement component, quality greatly differs. Using our handy display unit, consumers can easily detect quality differences between an OEM grade screen versus the “cheapo” version.

Peg Lock

This simple, cost efficient, yet effective solution secures accessories displayed on a standard peg board wall.