Phone Security Solutions

Vise HD

Vise HD provides retailers with the highest level of security, especially for iphone devices. It’s locking security bracket or mobile phone locking claws ensure your highest priced items are safe and secure. Retailers around the world struggle with theft of apple devices resulting in millions of dollars of merchandise stolen. With Vise HD protecting your inventory, you mitigate the risk of theft. Vise HD is the world’s best iPhone locking security bracket.

Vise5 G

Vise5 G provides security while offering movement for the device. The stand locks the smartphone in place thereby reducing the risk of theft while also providing rotation for salespeople and customers to swivel devices back and forth.

Adjustable security arms firmly lock in the phone and accommodate any thickness of the device. Eg. rugged phones.

Vise 5

Vise 5 mount is easy to retrofit to a variety of retail store fixtures. It also has the ability to protect a wide range of devices such as phones, tablets and cameras. Another great feature to this product is the customization options available. Customers can purchase a variety of arms in different sizes, smartphone and tablet brackets as well as camera mounts depending on their store’s needs.

Boomerang 5

Boomerang 5 has the ability to secure any brand’s smartphone using VHB tape along with a mechanical aircraft cable recoiler. This is an ideal solution for mock devices in store as it works with a variety of smartphone sizes.