Anti-theft Security Clamps for Mobile Phone Displays

Our phone has become an appendage. Do you know that feeling when you can’t find your phone for two minutes and anxiety ensues? Or, the feeling when you forget your smartphone at a restaurant The same feeling applies when a mobile phone is lost, or rather stolen, in your retail store. To mitigate this, RTF Global has developed anti-theft security clamps for mobile phone displays.

Secure Mobile Displays with Vise HD

Among our robust line of security devices for mobile phone retailers is the Vise HD, our highest level of security in mobile device anti-theft products. The Vise HD is guaranteed against theft with powerful locking security clamps. This ensures your stock of mobile phones is secure, so you can rest assured knowing your stock is safe.

Mobile phone display secured with Vise HD by RTF Global

An Increase in High-Value Retail Merchandise

Smartphones are a big deal in our society. Not only for us, the consumer, but for wireless phone retailers. With the higher price tags on mobile phones, today’s consumers want to see and feel the device before they make the purchase. This desire has forced retailers to include the mobile phones in their retail display

Unfortunately, doing this leaves the valuable merchandise in a more vulnerable position for theft. Securing the product is necessary, though not an easy task without compromising the look and feel of the store display. RTF Global provides retail security clamps that complement your store security measures and integrate seamlessly into your existing store display.

Retail store loss prevention departments need to invest in smartphone high security clamps for heavily targeted mobile phones such as the Apple iPhone.

Smartphone display, secured with Vise HD by RTF Global

Industry Efforts to Reduce In-Store Theft

The mock phone is designed to look and feel like the real phone and the only difference between a “smart mock” and an authentic smartphone is that the mobile phone has a Sim card and the replica has only a WiFi connection. Though this can be a successful anti-theft measure, we believe in providing customers with the authentic experience, and allowing them full use of the same mobile phone they’re looking to purchase, which can only be achieved through enhanced mobile security devices, such as our RTF Global’s robust line of Vise products.

At RTF, we have been protecting and displaying mobile phones since 1997 and are a leader in smartphone display security with high security clamps.

Looking for security solutions? Explore anti-theft security clamps for mobile phone displays to reduce in-store shrink.

HD Flip anti-theft device for mobile retailers

HD Flip™️

A smartphone secured in a Vise HD security device from RTF Global

Vise HD™️

Smartphone attached to a black Vise 5 security device from RTF Global

Vise 5™️

Vise 5+

Vise 5+™️

Smartphone being held by a Boomarang 5 security device from RTF Global

Boomerang 5™️

Smartwatch secured by the Vise W.

Vise W™️

SmartCircle by SensorMedia from RTF Global


Omnisense digital signage solution for mobile phone retailers



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