Security Products for Valuable Merchandise Retailers



Store display of headphones secured using the Vise LC security device from RTF Global

Vise LC/LCE™

Sneaker with a Vise LC security device from RTF Global attached to it

Shoes & Clothing

Smartwatch secured by the Vise W.

Vise W™

White peg hook for retail displays by RTF Global

Peg Locks

Omnisense digital signage solution for mobile phone retailers


When consumers are planning to purchase high-end merchandise, many are looking to touch, hold and experience the item before deciding to purchase. This integral part of the customer experience requires loss prevention security devices that will protect your valuable inventory while not affecting the aesthetic of your stores or merchandise. At RTF Global, we provide security products that are modern, simple, and secure for high-end retailers.

Luxury and high-end retailers present the finest quality and high-value products to consumers. This niche industry continues to experience significant year-over-year growth. While boutique owners enjoy a loyal customer base who possess excellent leisure spending abilities, high-end products often attract shoplifters. 

Promote Customer Engagement while Securing Merchandise

Storefronts that display top brands such as Tiffany, Prada, Rolex, Chanel, Versace, and Gucci, among others, consistently rank among primary targets for shoplifters. The same holds true of expensive sports clothing lines, electronic devices, and designer sunglasses. From department stores to niche family-owned luxury shops, valuable merchandise requires subtle but determined security systems. At RTF Global, we provide innovative retail security devices designed to secure high-end merchandise that invites customers to experience and see the products up close without fear of inventory losses.

Innovative Security for High-End Retailers

Your customers are constantly looking to purchase the latest technology. The same should be considered when purchasing security solutions for your retail enterprise. Having the latest security devices for your valuable merchandise plays an important role in your overall loss prevention strategy. At RTF Global, we understand the need to balance customer interaction with your high-ticket items while reducing shrinkage. Our cutting-edge solutions can simplify your loss prevention strategy, ensure your valuable stock is secured, and improve your retail operations.

Protecting your High-Value Stock

Your retail setting and requirements are unique to your business. Our range of display security options offers the protection you need for a variety of valuable products and display specifications. Whether it be the latest tech device, designer footwear, or luxury accessory, our security products fit seamlessly with your existing in-store displays and enhance overall customer experience.

RTF Global’s security devices can accommodate products of varying sizes and heights to meet your demands. Our products have many different configurations such as multiple security cord lengths and types, varying heights, colors, and sizes.

Retailers demand solutions that are effective, simple, and user-friendly. That is why many of our products offer built-in alarm systems to protect high-ticket merchandise while displaying a sleek, modern design. We invite you to explore our security options available for high-end retail stores.

Lock down your Merchandise in High-End Stores

Boutiques and other high-end retailers displaying valued merchandise face unique security system challenges. Customers want to touch and handle expensive items freely before purchasing them. These are not unreasonable expectations given luxury items demand substantial buying power. That’s why RTF Global offers specialized security systems to provide a leisurely consumer experience while protecting inventory.  

If you own or operate a high-end retail shop, it’s imperative to provide customers with a pleasurable shopping experience. It’s also necessary to prevent shoplifters from cutting into your profits. At RTF Global, our innovative security systems deliver the solutions you deserve. 

Vise W 

The Vise W works seamlessly with eye-catching watches and hands-sized merchandise. Clean, functional, and barely noticeable, this innovative security device lets shop owners lock products in place or allow customers to enjoy their texture. 


Perhaps the best fit for expensive electronics and hand-sized merchandise, the Boomerang system supports attractive displays while allowing customers to handle products. Boomerang is a light-duty merchandise security system. It allows the secured item to return to a fixed position after each customer interaction. Using strong 3M Very High Bond tape and aircraft-grade cable recoilers, this security device can secure high-value products while affixed to displays in a retail setting. The system is effortless to install though tough to remove, and priced right to last for well over the life of the display project. Key features of Boomerang include: 

  • Low profile, so customers can focus on the product 
  • Strong tape to secure the merchandise 
  • Easy installation 
  • Available in a variety of colors 

Vise LC 

Customers are more inclined to purchase luxury shoes, handbags, and notable fashion brands once they experience their quality. The Vise LC offers just that, making it a security system of choice for boutiques. 

Vise LC/LCE 

This simple security system uses a recoiling tether and lasso to prevent shoplifting losses. When used in conjunction with an alarm product, this flexible-use product delivers enhanced protection. 

Peg Locks 

Certain items require shop owners and managers to secure them with locking systems. Our peg locks blend with merchandise and can only be removed with a specific magnetic key. 


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