Retractable display tether from RTF Global attached to a smartphone
Electronic device secured by the Boomerang from RTF Global


Using a small yet strong mechanical aircraft cable recoiler, RTF Global’s Boomerang™ is used worldwide to display and secure electronic merchandise in retail stores. Boomerang is a light duty merchandise security system, allowing the secured item to return to a fixed position after each customer interaction. RTF Global carries a variety of different Boomerang adapters to affix valuable merchandise of varying sizes to retail displays.

Boomerang’s core functions are two-fold – one, return to the same position each and every time and two, be easily re-merchandised.

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Key Features of Boomerang

  • Designed to be versatile to secure different sized merchandise to retail displays.
  • Extremely durable and can be reused for multiple displays over time.
  • Tough-to-remove design, using a strong mechanical aircraft recoiler.

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