Store display of headphones secured using the Vise LC security device from RTF Global
Alarmed Vise LCE security device from RTF Global on headphone display
Electronic toothbrushes secured to store display using Vise LC wire tether from RTF Global
Vise LC recoiler from RTF Global for securing a stylus

Vise LC/LCE™️

The Vise LC™ anti-theft device is a simple, yet cost-effective solution for providing an adequate level of loss prevention. There are endless configurations possible. Securing your stock of electronics or high-value clothing can be accomplished with your choice of a lasso or security loop, tape, an alarm, or a recoiling tether. The configurations of Vise LC can be changed depending on the unique requirements of your store.

Increased Security with an Alarm Sensor

The alarmed version of Vise LC, known as LCE, is ideal for securing high ticket items, with many special applications. Vise LCE™ provides additional security by sounding an alarm if the cable tether or recoiler is removed from its display.

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