Security Solutions For Other Valuable Merchandise

Retail Security For Smart Watch Wearable Devices

Vise W

Vise W marries security and functionality with clean, modern design to solve the issue of theft with Apple watches, Fitbits and other wearable devices. This product features lockdown, lift and optional alarm retail solutions for all smartwatches.

Retail Security For Laptops

Vise HDL

Vise HDL is a simple and effective loss prevention solution for laptops that mechanically secures these high cost devices to give you peace of mind. This product is intended for high risk, high cost laptops. Despite the level of security, customers are still able to open and close the laptop without restricting functionality.

Key features include:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to install with minimal effort
  • One size fits most laptops
  • Interchangeable legs accommodate laptops of all sizes and thicknesses

Digital Camera Retail Security

Vise 5 C

Vise 5 C is easy to retrofit to a variety of retail store fixtures. The camera is secured using the tripod connector. The customer can fully experience the camera which is secured using aircraft cable with optional alarm. The same cable provides charge to camera as an option.

For Other Valuable Merchandise

Vise LC

Vise LC is a simple, cost effective solution yet providing an adequate level of loss prevention. There are endless configurations possible: securing can be accomplished with a lasso, with tape, with alarm, with recoiling tether – depending on the customer’s requirements.