RTF Global device securing lawn and garden products against theft

How to Secure Lawn and Garden Products from Retail Theft 

Lawn and garden products are must-have inventory for some hardware stores. However, this equipment can also be at risk of theft due to high resale values, as shrinkage is at an all-time high for all types of retailers. Thankfully, RTF Global offers retail security solutions for lawn and garden products to deter theft and shrinkage while still keeping products attractively displayed. 

Shoppers want to examine lawn and garden such as leaf blowers, trimmers, and edgers before making a purchase. Customers want to visually examine products, hold them in their hands, and get a feel for how the item functions during use. RTF Global offers customizable display security solutions to protect your lawn and garden inventory.

Security Options for Outdoor Equipment 

Lawn and garden products range in size and type, meaning retail store owners will need a multifaceted approach to securing their stock. RTF Global offers a complete security solution that includes a range of display security solutions that are customizable to your display needs. 

Aircraft cable recoiler from RTF Global

Security Display Recoilers

Protect your lawn and garden products with recoilers from RTF Global. It is a key component of our complete system because it provides a high level of deterrence against theft.

Features of Security Display Recoilers

  • Choose from mechanical or a self-contained alarming recoiler   
  • Comes in 3 feet or 5 feet in length    
  • High-security aircraft cable recoiler    
  • Integrated battery protection    
Wall adapter from RTF Global’s complete security solution

Wall Adapters

Customized to mount to many different store fixtures, the wall adapter houses the recoiler component. Our wall adapters are available in a variety of styles that can easily be integrated into your current retail displays for lawn and garden products.

Features of Wall Adapters

  • Sleek, modern design to seamlessly blend into retail displays   
  • Adapters for Unistrut, pegboards, slatwalls, wire grids, and more 
  • Available in different colours  
  • Compact size  
Cable lock from RTF Global

Cable Lock

The cable lock is included in our complete security solution. It locks the aircraft cable in place after being looped around the merchandise. It also provides protection against frayed or sharp ends of the cable.  

Features of the Cable Lock

  • Protection against frayed sharp ends  
  • Available in multiple colours 
  • Included in the solution   

Lawn and Garden Product Security Customized to your Retail Displays

Protect your lawn and garden equipment retail displays with our custom solutions that include wall adapters for various store fixtures. Easily integrate these wall adapters into your retail displays that are customized to your needs to provide protection against theft.

Gridwall adapter created by RTF Global for retail displays

Gridwall Wall Adapter

The gridwall wall adapter can protect your lawn and garden products from theft.

Slatwall adapter created by RTF Global for retail displays

Slatwall Wall Adapter

Choose from two different colours for the slatwall adapter. 

Unistrut wall adapter created by RTF Global for retail displays

Unistrut Wall Adapter

Integrate the Unistrut wall adapter into your retail displays.

Pegboard wall adapter created by RTF Global for retail displays

Pegboard Wall Adapter

The pegboard wall adapter comes in two colours to seamlessly blend into your retail displays.

Secure High-Value Lawn and Garden Tools with RTF Global

The benefit of RTF Global hardware store anti-theft devices is it is flexible enough to meld with displays already in place. Whether your hardware store uses pegboards, gridwalls, or slatwalls, specific anti-theft solutions are available. Contact us for more information on a custom solution for your lawn and garden equipment. 


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