“The rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” Said the laptop.

By Stefan Wiesen, CEO of RTF Global Inc with files from REUTERS

The world has stocked up on laptop and desktop computers since the breakout of the pandemic at a level not seen since the iPhone debuted in 2007, and manufacturers still are months away from fulfilling outstanding orders, hardware industry executives and analysts said.

Remote learning and working has upturned the computer market during the coronavirus pandemic, zapping sales of smartphones while boosting interest in bigger devices, which had become afterthoughts to iPhones and Androids over the last decade.

Here are the big players:

Source: Wikipedia

Major manufacturers like Samsung who put all their bets on Tablets, are coming back with force to participate in that laptop renaissance.

Demand is so brisk and supply is so restricted that many retailers sell even their demo units to satisfy customers. The logic is “why having a demo unit, when I don’t have inventory for a while?”

Unfortunately, the general increase in shoplifting due to the pandemic in conjunction with the hotness of that item, left retailers faced with a major challenge. How can I increase my retail display security and which retail security product is suitable to balance these challenges? More specifically:

1. How do I display my laptops attractively and allow maximum consumer interaction?
2. How do I provide a high level of loss prevention?
3. How do I quickly rearrange my display store fixtures as supply fluctuates wildly?

Companies securing valuable assets such as smartphones, tablets and laptops have risen to that challenge with innovative solutions. One of these companies is RTF Global.

Securing Laptop
Securing Laptop
RTF Vise HDL. Highest security level. Installs in seconds without tools. Full consumer interaction.