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Xiaomi has established itself as one of the leading brands in the mobile phone industry. Renowned for their durability and value retention, Xiaomi phones have become a popular choice among consumers. However, these very qualities also make them a prime target for theft. As customers visit mobile phone stores to explore and evaluate Xiaomi devices, it is crucial to address the issue of theft prevention.

That’s where RTF Global’s anti-theft solutions for Xiaomi mobile phones come into play. These innovative devices offer an appealing solution for ensuring the security of Xiaomi phones while allowing customers to interact and make informed purchase decisions.

RTF’s Anti-Theft Security Devices for Xiaomi Phones

At RTF, we understand that balancing security and customer experience is crucial for mobile phone retailers. Unlike other security solutions that restrict the full use of devices, we take pride in providing display security solutions that are tailored to fit any phone, be it smartphones, flip phones, or folding phones. Our specially designed security products for mobile devices seamlessly integrate into your existing displays, offering enhanced customer experience while effectively reducing shrinkage. With our solutions, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: robust security and uninterrupted device interaction for your valued customers.

Vise HD in black by RTF Global securing a smartphone


With its advanced locking security bracket and locking claws, Vise HD ensures that your most valuable items are safe and secure. Features of Vise HD include:

  • One size fits all phones, accommodating various smartphone models.
  • Choose between an optional low-profile mount or high-angle mount to suit your display needs.
  • Easy installation, providing a tough barrier against unwanted removal.
  • Convenient removal using the Vise HD key for nightly removal or storage.
  • The metal Vise locks the smartphone securely from the top and the side, leaving no room for tampering.
  • Effortless mounting on walls or displays for seamless integration.
Smartphone attached to a white Vise 5 security device from RTF Global

Vise 5TM

When it comes to security display holders, the Vise5 stands out as the epitome of versatility. Its adjustable arms are designed to accommodate mobile phones of any size, providing unparalleled flexibility. With multiple configuration options, you can create dynamic displays that suit your specific needs. Key features of Vise5 include:

  • Mechanically locks to any size smartphone, ensuring a secure fit.
  • High-security aircraft cable recoiler keeps devices tethered.
  • Choose between low-profile and high-angle mounts for optimal display placement.
  • Optional built-in alarm system provides an added layer of security.
  • Optional four-arm configuration expands display capacity.

Experience Unmatched Mobile Phone Security with RTF

Don’t compromise on security when it comes to your Xiaomi mobile phones. Contact our team of experienced professionals today and discover our tailored solutions for mobile phone retailers.


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