Securing the Xiaomi 12 Ultra in Your Mobile Store

The Xiaomi 12 Ultra is a phone that is in high demand and customers are visiting mobile stores to interact with this brand-new phone. With a price tag that can rival some of the latest iPhones, the Xiaomi 12 Ultra is a prime target for theft and is highly valuable on the underground market. Having these smartphones in-store requires a commitment to inventory protection. RTF Global’s anti-theft devices for the Xiaomi 12 Ultra are the best way to prevent retail theft.

Xiaomi 12 Ultra Retail Display Solutions

RTF Global brings together the most rigorously tested and evaluated retail display security solutions to make securing your merchandise as simple as possible. Our device-security products are built to meet display needs, as well as ensure the appropriate level of security.

HD Flip anti-theft device for mobile retailers

Vise HD FlipTM

Our newest anti-theft device, the Vise HD Flip, allows customers to flip the phone 180 degrees while keeping it securely in place. This feature enables customers to examine the Xiaomi 12’s features without retailers worrying about theft.

Vise HD Flip Features

  • Easy installation
  • Requires a security key for access
  • 180-degree flipping
  • Auto-return to resting position
  • Adjustable to fit all sizes of phones


Vise HD by RTF Global securing a smartphone


The Vise HD is a high-security anti-theft device that is built to lock the Xiaomi 12 Ultra into place and has adjustable claws for the most secured fit.

Vise HD Features

  • The display post is secured with high-grade M6 studs
  • Comes with integrated phone-charging capabilities
  • 80mm arms allow for a proper phone fit
  • Requires a proprietary key for access
  • The lock and key mechanism are inconspicuous


Vise 5 by RTF Global securing a smartphone

Vise 5TM

Versatile, attractive, and secure, the Vise 5 integrates with existing displays, allows for customer interaction, and can include an on-board alarm system. The Vise 5 is available in both white and black.

Vise 5 Features

  • Boasts adjustable arms for the best fit
  • Attaches the device to an aircraft-grade recoiler
  • Comes with an optional alarm system
  • Adjusts to fit smartphones of all sizes
  • High angle mounts and low-profile design

Prevent Xiaomi 12 Ultra Theft with Help from RTF Global

The more innovative the mobile phone industry becomes, the more important it is to stay current with retail anti-theft solutions. Our collection of retail theft security devices ensures your Xiaomi 12 Ultra inventory is protected. At RTF Global, we keep a finger on the pulse of the ever-evolving industry and source the best possible security solutions for your mobile store displays. With RTF Global, you can count on our devices to protect your merchandise and your bottom line.


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