Secure Displayed Soldering Irons in your Hardware Store

Soldering irons are an incredibly valuable tool to have on hand, and these tools have evolved to be highly efficient over the last decade. Naturally, the upgraded efficiency, functions, and features make modern soldering irons more costly. Due to the small size of the tools, soldering irons can also be at a high risk of theft. RTF Global helps hardware store retailers achieve theft prevention for soldering irons. 

RTF Global Security Options for Soldering Irons

With adequate security devices in place, you can allow customers to view displayed soldering irons without theft concerns. At RTF Global, we work with retailers to build the most effective theft-prevention strategy using industry-standard devices. Our security solutions are versatile enough to integrate with existing displays for soldering iron theft prevention. 

Pegboard Hook and Lock System

The pegboard hook and lock system are considered the top level of protection for smaller hanging tools like soldering irons. The system is made up of either locks that you use on existing peg hooks or all-in-one units that feature both a peg hook and an integrated lock. 

Pegboard lock from RTF Global used to secure soldering irons to pegboard display

Peg Locks

Attach these locks to the ends of your current peg hooks to make sure soldering irons cannot be removed without assistance. RTF Global peg locks are industrial sized to work with most existing peg hooks. 

Features of Peg Locks
  • Can only be disengaged with a special magnetic key 
  • Clean white color
  • Clever-yet-secure release mechanism 
Pegboard hook from RTF Global used to secure soldering irons to retail displays

Peg Hooks

Locking peg hooks are a cohesively built unit that consists of a hook and a built-in lock. Ideal for retailers looking for an all-in-one display solution, these peg hooks work with existing peg boards to secure hanging merchandise. 

Features of Peg Hooks
  • 9.25 inches overall length with 8.25 inches display length 
  • Requires use of a magnetic key for releasing the lock 
  • Low-profile design

Magnetic Release Key

Equip attending employees with a magnetic key to use for either peg hook locks or locking peg hooks.

Features of Magnetic Release Key
  • Slim design small enough for pocket carrying 
  • Can be attached to a key ring for safe keeping 
  • Inconspicuous black color 

Prevent Soldering Iron Theft in your Hardware Store with RTF Global

With help from RTF Global, hardware store owners can build an effective strategy for soldering iron theft prevention and beyond. Our dedicated team has decades of experience creating security theft solutions for hardware retailers. We can help you create a loss prevention strategy that is customized to your needs and reduces shrink. Contact us today to learn about how we can protect your soldering iron inventory from theft.  


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