RYOBI is a world-renowned power tool manufacturer, serving customers in search of top-notch power tools and accessories. To meet this demand, hardware retailers are presented with the challenge of creating alluring retail displays for RYOBI power tools while simultaneously protecting this valuable merchandise from theft. Fortunately, RTF Global’s offers innovative anti-theft devices that are specially designed for high- ticket power tools from brands like RYOBI.

The Best Anti-Theft Solutions for RYOBI Power Tools

RTF Global provides comprehensive display solutions tailored for RYOBI power tools, enabling you to create a secure setup for your branded merchandise displays. Our devices offer effortless installation, strong resistance against removal, and seamless integration into store displays.


ToolGuard is the most versatile, display-friendly, and robust power tool retail security solution available on the market. Its innovative features include:

  • Seamless integration with fixtures, ensuring a sleek and unobtrusive display setup.
  • Remarkable adaptability and compatibility with nearly all power tools, making it an ideal fit for various brands, including RYOBI.
  • Allowing customers to handle tools while keeping items securely in place, providing an interactive shopping experience.
  • Available in multiple color options, allowing for easy customization to match store displays.
  • Equipped with alarm options for added security, deterring potential thieves.
  • Simple and hassle-free installation process, saving time and effort for retailers.

Adapters for Customized Power Tool Security

Protect RYOBI power tools with customized security solutions from RTF Global. Explore a variety of adapters that can be tailored to your specific needs, guaranteeing robust inventory protection.

Wall adapter for slatwall retail displays from RTF Global

Slatwall Wall Adapter

Our slatwall wall adapter is available in two colours and seamlessly integrates into hardware store displays.

Wall adapter for gridwall retail displays from RTF Global

Gridwall Wall Adapter

Elevate your RYOBI power tool protection with ease by attaching our Gridwall Wall Adapters to your store’s gridwall.

Wall adapter for Unistrut retail displays from RTF Global


Unistrut metal wall adapters are purposefully designed to be compatible with Unistrut framing, offering a durable build that ensures reliable protection for RYOBI power tools.

Wall adapter for pegboard retail displays by RTF Global

Pegboard Wall Adapter

Our Pegboard Wall Adapters feature convenient metal mounts that effortlessly fit into existing pegboard displays, providing a swift and straightforward retail security solution for RYOBI power tools.

Protect Your Bottom Line & Prevent Retail Theft with RTF Global

Whether you’re a big-box retailer or an independent hardware store, safeguarding high-value, at-risk merchandise is crucial for your business’s success. If you require assistance in protecting your valuable merchandise, RTF Global offers an extensive selection of anti-theft devices designed for retail stores. Contact our team of experienced professionals to discover tailor-made solutions for effectively protecting RYOBI power tools in your store.


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