RTF Display Security Solutions for Makita Power Tools

Makita is a highly reputable power tool manufacturer with over 100 years of experience in motor engineering. Renowned for their enduring performance and sustained value, Makita power tools enjoy widespread favour among consumers.

Hardware retailers that sell Makita power tools are presented with the unique challenge of providing customers with hands-on experiences while protecting their inventory from theft. Luckily, RTF Global provides cutting-edge anti-theft solutions specifically tailored for high-value power tools from esteemed brands like Makita.

Secure Your Makita Power Tools with These Anti-Theft Solutions

By incorporating RTF Global’s anti-theft devices for Makita power tools, hardware retailers can effortlessly incorporate security measures into their power tool displays that don’t compromise the customer experience. Our adaptable anti-theft devices are specifically engineered to fasten power tools to their displays, regardless of their varying sizes or shakes.


RTF Global’s ToolGuard is a versatile anti-theft solution that works seamlessly with power tools of all sizes, offering a range of configurations to meet various needs. With ToolGuard you can protect your valuable power tools while still allowing customers to interact with them, ultimately boosting your sales.

Key Features of ToolGuard

  • Effortless integration
  • Compatibility with any power tool
  • Secure yet interactive
  • Available in both silver and black
  • Available with alarming options for added security
  • Easy installation

Adapters for Customized Power Tool Security

We offer a range of adapters that can be customized to meet your store’s unique requirements, ensuring strong inventory protection.

Slatwall wall adapter from RTF Global

Slatwall Wall Adapter 

Our slatwall wall adapter seamlessly integrates into hardware store displays and is offered in two different colors for your convenience.

Gridwall wall adapter from RTF Global

Gridwall Wall Adapter 

Upgrade your Makita power tool security effortlessly by connecting our Gridwall Wall Adapters to your store’s gridwall.

Unistrut wall adapter from RTF Global


Built to work with Unistrut metal framing, the Unistrut wall adapter seamlessly attaches to the metal framing system for added security for Makita tools.

Pegboard wall adapter by RTF Global

Pegboard Wall Adapter

Our pegboard wall adapters are equipped with the essential metal mounts that effortlessly slide into an already established pegboard display, providing a convenient and efficient retail security solution.

Enhance Your Business Security and Minimize Losses with RTF Global

If you are in need of assistance in safeguarding your valuable merchandise, RTF Global offers an extensive selection of anti-theft devices specifically designed for hardware stores. Our team of experts have been dedicated to creating and implementing display security systems for retail establishments for more than twenty years. Don’t hesitate to contact our team of skilled professionals to discover tailored solutions that will effectively safeguard Makita power tools in your store.


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