Bosch power tools secured to a retail display using RTF Global products

Retail Display Solutions for Bosch Power Tools 

Bosch is one of the top names in power tools. With a longstanding reputation for longevity and retaining value, Bosch power tools are a go-to for consumers. Unfortunately, these same attributes make these tools a target for theft. While hardware retailers want customers to access their Bosch tools to interact and make buying decisions, theft prevention must also be considered. RTF Global’s anti-theft devices for Bosch power tools are an attractive solution. 

Bosch Display Solutions That Offer the Best Tool Security 

RTF Global recognizes that power tool merchants need security solutions for all their products and that these solutions must be diverse and adaptable. Our devices offer simple installation and are difficult to remove, but best of all, they can be adapted to various brands and tools. We are proud to be selected by many hardware stores as their go-to choice for power tool theft prevention.

The enhanced security solutions provided by RTF Global are designed to protect valuable merchandise and ultimately reduce inventory shrink. Our tailored retail theft prevention devices used for Bosch power tools blend seamlessly into the store’s displays, yet still allow flexible handling of merchandise.

RTF Global recoiler

Security Display Recoilers

Recoilers are the key component for securing merchandise like power drills, woodworking tools, and other Bosch tools. The cable is tamper-resistant and extremely durable to offer the utmost protection while still allowing customers to interact.

Security Recoiler Features 

  • Aircraft-strength, high-security recoilers 
  • Built-in protection for the battery (if equipped) 
  • Can be self-contained or mechanical 
  • Available in 3 feet or 5 feet lengths 


Our anti-theft recoiler, ToolGuard, can be housed in various wall adapters, allowing shoppers to pick up tools while keeping them safely secured. The solution can be integrated with various display venues, such as pegboards, grid walls, and slatwalls.

Peg Lock and Locking Hook System

Another popular solution for Bosch products is our Peg Lock and Locking Hook System. This solution can be used for various smaller power tools and accessories that need to be kept secure. When these anti-theft devices for power tools are installed on slatwalls, a key is required to open them. This keeps inventory safe at all times and is perfect for protecting merchandise such as hand tools, saw blades, chargers, and batteries.

Bosch Power Tool Security Customized to your Retail Display

From Bosch circular saws to grinders and metalworking tools and drills, wall adapters are the ideal solution for each of these tools on a wall display. To secure each tool in a way that allows customers to interact with the product, you may need wall adapters. The available adapters include:

Wall adapter for pegboard retail displays by RTF Global

Pegboard Wall Adapter

Pegboard wall adapters have the necessary metal mounts to slip into an existing pegboard display for a quick and easy retail security solution. 

Wall adapter for Unistrut retail displays from RTF Global


Built to work with Unistrut metal framing, the Unistrut wall adapter seamlessly attaches to the metal framing system for added security for Bosch tools.

Wall adapter for gridwall retail displays from RTF Global


Gridwall wall adapters slip over existing grid sections and lock in place to protect valuable merchandise.

Wall adapter for slatwall retail displays from RTF Global


Slatwall wall adapters, which are available in two colors, attach securely to an existing Slatwall so tool attachment is simple. 

Prevent the Theft of Bosch Power Tools with RTF Global

Whether you’re a big-box retailer or an independent hardware store, protecting big-name, at-risk merchandise protects your bottom line. If you need help with protecting your valuable merchandise, RTF Global provides a wide range of anti-theft devices for retail stores. The professionals on our team have created and installed display security systems of this kind for retail establishments for over two decades. Reach out to our team of experienced professionals to find solutions customized to best protect Bosch power tools in your store.


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