With a price point above many laptops, securing the Samsung Galaxy S22 from retail theft is vital for retailers. As smartphone companies continue to create devices with increased functionality and sleek designs, the price point shows. Samsung’s latest smartphone, the Galaxy S22, is no different.

How to Secure the Samsung Galaxy S22 from Retail Theft

When you carry items like the Samsung Galaxy S22, it is a prime target for theft. When they are left unguarded or easily removable, valuable electronics can easily be stolen and sold on the black market. To avoid this impacting your bottom line, consider adding additional security features to deter retail theft. RTF has modern, current, and durable retail security solutions for the Samsung Galaxy S22.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Security by RTF Global

Securing the Samsung Galaxy S23 from Retail Theft 

RTF Global’s retail security solutions can also secure the Samsung Galaxy S23 from retail theft. The S23 is the latest iteration of the Samsung Galaxy, offering better performance, battery life, and camera specs. To avoid the S23 becoming a target for theft without impeding the customer experience, we offer a range of security devices to suit your needs.

Samsung Galaxy S22 & S23 Retail Display Solutions

If you’re looking for ways to secure the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Samsung Galaxy S23, RTF Global has many options available for you. Our range of products allows you to select the design, level of security, height, and much more.

HD Flip anti-theft device for mobile retailers

Vise HD FlipTM

The Vise HD Flip is our latest anti-theft device for mobile phones. Its 180-degree flipping action allows customers to view the latest features on the Samsun Galaxy S22 and S23 all while the device is completely secured.

Features of the Vise HD Flip

  • 180-degree flipping
  • Auto-return to resting position
  • Entirely made of hardened steel for added durability and security
  • Adjustable arms
  • Requires security key to open
  • Easy installation

Vise HDTM Quick Release

The Vise HD provides you with the highest level of security available with either a tall or low-profile mound and secure locking claws to ensure the phone is secure.

Features of the Vise HD

  • Incorporates a keyed quick release function
  • Operated by a proprietary key 
  • Oversized M6 studs to secure the display post 
  • Wide arms (80 mm) 
  • Integrated charging capabilities 
Vise 5 in black by RTF Global securing a smartphone

Vise 5TM

The Vise 5 is our most versatile security display as it can be configured in multiple ways to fit your needs. Vise products also come in black and white to help them seamlessly blend into your retail display while preventing theft.

Features of the Vise 5

  • High security aircraft cable recoiler  
  • Mechanically locks to any size smartphone 
  • Option to add alarm for added protection
  • Low profile and high angle mounts  
  • Adjustable arms  

Prevent Samsung Galaxy S22 & S23 Theft with RTF Global 

Our line of Vise products are the perfect mobile anti-theft device for smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S22 and S23. Valuable merchandise needs to be protected and secured to prevent theft and to maintain your bottom line. We understand the complex challenges that you face and the innovation needed to stay current with new mobile phones. At RTF Global, we stand by our products. You can be confident that your merchandise is secured when using products from RTF.  


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