Secure High-Value Saw Blades in your Hardware Store

As a hardware store owner, keeping a healthy stock of saw blades on your store shelves is important and so is protecting your saw blade inventory from theft. From miter and circular saws to reciprocating saws, the blades on these power tools have a finite lifespan. However, these blades are not cheap. In fact, some carbide-tipped and specialty blades can easily cost more than $100 each. The size and price tag of these blades make the inventory a prime target for theft.

Showcasing your saw blade inventory requires a detailed retail display so that customers can easily find what they are looking for. When customers need replacement saw blades, they will usually want to view the blades as they shop to ensure they get what they need. Protect your saw blade inventory from theft with retail display anti-theft devices. RTF Global provides the unique solutions for your hardware store needs for secure saw blade merchandise displays.

RTF Global Security Options for Saw Blades

Ensure your saw blade inventory is protected with retail display security solutions from RTF Global. Saw blades come in different styles and sizes, which means you may need different types of anti-theft solutions depending on your merchandising needs. Our anti-theft solutions can be customized to your current retail displays and are aesthetically pleasing.

RTF Global pegboard wall adapter used to secure saw blades

Security Display Recoilers

Security display recoilers can be used to attach displayed saw blades to a number of existing displays, so customers can readily interact with the blades as needed. Recoilers can be paired with different wall adapters, depending on the setup the store already has in place.

Security Display Recoilers Features

  • Available in 3 to 5 feet lengths
  • Available with self-contained alarms of basic mechanical functions
  • Integrated protection for a battery
  • Crafted from aircraft-strength cable
Pegboard hook from RTF Global used to secure saw blades to retail displays

Pegboard Hook and Lock System

Secure hanging saw blades with locking pegboard hooks for retail displays. The full system consists of a locking hook that attaches to the pegboard itself and peg locks that are secured to the end of the hook to prevent merchandise removal.

Features of Security Peg Hooks and Locks

  • Peg hooks offer 8.25 inches of display length
  • Merchandise is released from the hook by using a secure magnetic key
  • Peg locks are available in black and white
  • Flexible design works well for different types of saw blades

Prevent Theft of Saw Blades in your Hardware Store with RTF Global

Your hardware store is brimming with valuable merchandise. Being proactive about deterring theft is a far better plan than being reactive as it better protects your store, your employees, and your bottom line. At RTF Global, we strive to bring together the latest technologies in saw blades theft prevention to make it simple for our clients to protect their investments. Speak with us about our customizable complete security solution for hardware retailers.


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