Secure High-Value Sanding Belts in Your Hardware Store

Belt sanders tackle tough jobs in woodworking, but sanding belts have to be replaced frequently. These belts may not be the most expensive item on a hardware store shelf, but their collapsible build makes them vulnerable to theft just the same. Customers want to be able to look at these belts to ensure they are getting the specific belt that they need for their power tool.

Make sure your sanding belt inventory is adequately protected by investing in security solutions that keep each unit difficult to remove. RTF Global’s collection of theft prevention devices can help you create the most effective system. 

RTF Global Security Options for Sanding Belts

With the optimal security systems in place, instances of theft are reduced if not completely eliminated. RTF Global’s collection of security recoilers and pegboard hook and lock display solutions ensure merchandise is displayed attractively but also well-protected. 

Pegboard hook from RTF Global

Pegboard Hook and Lock System

If you display sanding belts on a pegboard with hooks, the pegboard hook and lock system is the best way to deter problems with theft. The hooks lock to the pegboard and a lock keeps the hanging merchandise from being removed without assistance from a store associate. 

Features of Pegboard Hook and Lock Systems

  • 8.25-inch pegboard hooks offer ample space for hanging merchandise 
  • Available in different colors to match existing displays 
  • Built for flexibility, the system works well for different sanding belt sizes and packages 
  • Secure magnetic key required to retrieve the merchandise 

Prevent Theft in your Hardware Store with RTF Global

Need help with theft prevention? RTF Global ensures every hardware store retailer has access to top-of-the-line devices and solutions to keep their merchandise protected. Proactive implementation of anti-theft solutions is a more logical way to protect your bottom line. Be sure to take a look at the complete collection of anti-theft devices for hardware stores available through RTF Global. 


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