Power tool being secured to a retail display

Secure High-Value Router Power Tools in your Hardware Store

With a unique shape and heft, router power tools can be a little more challenging to display securely in your hardware store. These tools can have a high price tag, which means they are at risk for theft and must be protected using retail security devices. RTF Global offers all you need to create a protective system for your router power tool retail displays. 

Retail Display Solutions for Router Power Tools

No matter the model, shape, or size, RTF Global can make sure the router power tools you have on display are protected and attractively displayed. Be sure to integrate the following security mechanisms to create an anti-theft setup for router power tools. 

Recoiler used to secure router power tools from RTF Global

Security Display Recoilers

Recoilers can be added to existing displays or housed inside a wall adapter to keep routers secured against theft. RTF recoilers are made with high-grade aircraft cable to ensure optimal power tool protection. 

Features of Security Display Recoilers

  • Available with cables from 3 to 5 feet 
  • Crafted from durable aircraft-grade cables 
  • Pick from self-contained alarms with a battery or mechanical operation 
  • Battery-powered recoilers contain battery protection 
Wall adapter from RTF Global for router power tool retail displays

Wall Adapters

Wall adapters encapsulate the recoilers, which connect to the router. RTF Global offers several wall adapters to work with a variety of display styles to make adding security features simple. 

Features of Wall Adapters

  • Available in different colors depending on the type 
  • All adapters boast a sleek, inconspicuous design 
  • Adapters available for pegboards, slatwalls, gridwalls, and Unistrut 
  • The tamper-proof design keeps routers secured 
Cable lock created RTF Global to secure recoilers

Cable Lock

Cable locks are used to lock the cable around the router once you have looped it through the handle. Cable locks are also important to prevent damage to the ends of the recoiler cable, such as fraying. 

Features of the Cable Lock

  • Available in black and silver 
  • Keeps frayed ends from being exposed 
  • Made of high-grade metal for optimal durability 

Router Power Tool Security Customized to Your Retail Displays

RTF Global offers an extensive collection of wall adapters to keep router power tools appropriately secured in place. These wall adapters are designed to work with your existing retail displays, such as slatwalls and pegboards, so you get the optimal level of protection without making drastic fixture changes. 

Unistrut wall adapter from RTF Global for retail displays

Unistrut Wall Adapter

Integrate the Unistrut wall adapter into your existing Unistrut metal framing for a simple and seamless level of protection. 

Pegboard wall adapter from RTF Global for retail displays

Pegboard Wall Adapter

Pick from solid black or standard metal colors with the pegboard wall adapter to make sure routers are secured seamlessly to existing pegboard displays. 

Gridwall wall adapter from RTF Global for retail displays

Gridwall Wall Adapter

Install the gridwall wall adapter, which is available in silver and black, on your existing gridwall for optimal router power tool protection. 

Slatwall wall adapter for retail displays from RTF Global

Slatwall Wall Adapter

Our Slatwall wall adapters are available in black and silver and include a slide stopper for maximum stability. 

Prevent the Theft of Router Power Tools with RTF Global

Building an effective security plan for your hardware store involves having the best solutions for each type of tool. Router power tool theft prevention is easy to achieve when you work with RTF Global. With decades of retail-theft-prevention experience, we can customize a theft-prevention system that suits your needs and protects your bottom line. 


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