Secure High-Value Rotary Tools in Your Hardware Store

Hardware stores carry rotary tools as they are a sought-after item for professionals and homeowners. From sanding to grinding and honing wood, metal, and other materials, these power tools are valuable to have around. It’s important to have a fully stocked inventory and just as equally important to protect your rotary tool inventory from theft. With prices that can reach the hundreds for certain rotary tools, protecting these units against theft is crucial.

Creating the best rotary tools theft prevention plan involves innovative strategies to support tool display and customer interaction while also deterring theft. Customers who intend to use a rotary tool will want to hold the unit in their hand, examine it, and evaluate whether the power tool is the right fit. Using display security solutions from RTF Global allows customer interaction while also protecting your inventory.

RTF Global Security Options for Rotary Tools

With help from RTF Global, you can rest assured any rotary tool you have on display is not left vulnerable to theft. Rotary tools come in different styles and sizes, but RTF Global has a myriad of theft-prevention devices. Look at your existing displays and inventory to determine which of the following anti-theft devices would work best for your hardware store.

RTF Global pegboard wall adapter used to secure rotary tools

Security Display Recoilers

Use security display recoilers and different housings to tether rotary tools to your wall adapters such as pegboards or slatwalls. Each recoiler is designed to be resistant to tampering, low-profile, and flexible enough to work with different types of rotary tools.

Features of Security Display Recoilers

  • Recoilers come in different lengths from 3 to 5 feet
  • Cables are crafted from high-grade aircraft materials
  • Onboard battery protection for alarmed recoilers
  • Available with optional onboard alarm systems
Pegboard hook from RTF Global used to secure rotary tools to retail displays

Pegboard Hook and Lock System

Create the ultimate secure display system using pegboard hooks and lock systems for hanging rotary tools. These systems offer a locking hook that is placed on an existing pegboard and the lock goes on the end to prevent merchandise from being taken off without a key.

Features of Pegboard Hook and Lock Systems

  • Hooks support 8.25 inches of length for hanging merchandise
  • Peg locks come in two different colors: black and white
  • Secure magnetic key required to release merchandise from the hook
  • Flexible design can be functional for both small rotary tools and attachments

Prevent Theft of Rotary Tools in your Hardware Store with RTF Global

With a hardware store full of tools that people are looking for, you can have an impressive amount of store inventory to protect. RTF Global gives clients access to the most modern devices to make sure every last tool is displayed securely. Need help with rotary tool theft prevention? Our dedicated team has decades of experience helping create loss prevention solutions for hardware retailers that are customized to your needs. Contact us today to discuss our solutions to protect your rotary tool inventory.


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