Power tool battery protected from theft by a peg hook

Secure Power Tool Batteries and Chargers in Your Hardware Store

Over time, the batteries used to power tools have grown much more long-lived and advanced. Along with these advancements has come a drastic increase in the value of power tool batteries and chargers. As a hardware store owner, protecting this particular merchandise from theft is undeniably important. RTF Global can help with industry solutions for power tool batteries theft prevention for hardware retailers

RTF Global Security Options for Power Tool Batteries and Chargers

The batteries and chargers that are necessary for power tools come in an array of different styles and sizes. These units can have different packaging styles need to be accommodate into current retail displays. Regardless of the diversity of the inventory and how it is displayed, RTF Global has fixtures you can use to make sure your inventory is protected. 

Security display recoiler for slat walls from RTF Global

Security Display Recoilers

For batteries and chargers that have an opening or hole, security display recoilers can work to protect the units. RTF Global security display recoilers can be paired with different wall adapters to work with an existing display, such as a pegboard, Unistrut, or gridwall. The high-grade cable prevents the units from being removed from the display but customers can still interact with the product. 

Features of Security Display Recoilers

  • Available in either 3 or 5 feet cable lengths 
  • Mechanically operated or contains an alarm with an integrated battery 
  • Cable tether is made of aircraft-grade metals 
  • Pair with cable locks to secure cable ends and prevent fraying 
  • Comes in a variety of wall adapters to seamlessly merge into current retail displays 
Pegboard hook from RTF Global used to secure power tool batteries

Pegboard Hook and Lock System

The pegboard hook and lock system are an efficient path to theft prevention for power tool batteries and chargers that are normally on a hanging peg hook display. Pick from peg hooks with a lock built-in or go with peg locks to attach to an existing display hook.

Pegboard lock from RTF Global used to secure power tool batteries

Locking Peg Hooks

Locking peg hooks are fixtures that offer the hook and the lock in a seamless unit. Each peg hook is 9.5 inches long with a usable length for the display of 8.25 inches.

Magnetic Key

The magnetic key holds a unique release mechanism that relies on magnetization to dislodge the lock. The key is simple for employees to use, and the locks cannot be removed with a standard magnet.

Prevent Power Tool Batteries and Charger Theft in Your Hardware Store with RTF Global

Protecting your bottom line as a hardware retailer means picking the best theft prevention solutions. A proactive approach to power tool battery and charger theft protection requires industry-leading anti-theft devices and solutions. RTF Global’s security solutions can provide hardware retailers with peace of mind knowing that their inventory is protected. Our solutions are customizable, easily installed and tough to remove. Contact us today to discover our full collection of hardware store anti-theft solutions.


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