Power tools protected against theft using RTF Global recoilers

Secure High-Value Oscillating Power Tools in Your Hardware Store

With retail price tags that can reach as high as hundreds of dollars per tool, oscillating power tools are prone to theft. Necessary for many projects, oscillating power tools have an elongated shape, and customers often want to hold these power tools in their hands before making a purchasing decision. Protect your inventory with anti-theft solutions for retail displays in your hardware store that will keep oscillating power tools secure while on display. 

Retail Display Solutions for Oscillating Power Tools

When you display oscillating power tools for your customers to evaluate before purchase, making sure they are secured is important. RTF Global offers the retail display devices you need to build the most effective security solution. 

Security Display Recoiler from RTF Global

Security Display Recoilers

Security display recoilers contain a securely housed, aircraft-grade cable that attaches to oscillating power tools. This cable allows the tool to be held and examined by customers while also preventing theft. 

Security Display Recoilers Features

  • Cable is made with high-security, aircraft-grade materials 
  • On-board alarm options are available 
  • Available in different coiler lengths from 3 to 5 feet 
  • Built-in protection for the battery 
Wall adapter to secure an oscillating power tool on a retail display

Wall Adapters

Security display recoilers slide into the protective housing of the wall adapter. We provide four different types of wall adapters, which makes it easy to pick a unit that works with the display fixtures you are currently using. 

Wall Adapter Features

  • Available for Unistrut, Slatwall, gridwalls, and pegboards 
  • Different color options are available 
  • Sleek design does not take up a lot of space 
  • Made of high-grade materials 
Cable lock from RTF Global

Cable Lock

Cable locks are necessary for securing the cable to the oscillating power tool itself. Securing the cable lock in place ensures the ends of the cable, which can be prone to fraying, are well-protected. 

Cable Lock Features

  • Multiple color options are available 
  • Keeps frayed ends concealed 
  • Included in the anti-theft solution 

Oscillating Power Tools Security Customized to your Retail Displays

At RTF Global, we strive to make it easy and cost-effective to integrate the best tool protection. We offer a number of different wall adapter types to coincide with the existing fixtures you already use in your store. 

Pegboard wall adapter by RTF Global

Pegboard Wall Adapters

Pick from either silver or black adapters to attach to your existing pegboard displays for oscillating power tools. 

Unistrut wall adapter for securing an oscillating tool to a retail display

Unistrut Wall Adapters

RTF Global Unistrut wall adapters integrate directly into Unistrut-type hardware store displays. 

Gridwall wall adapter from RTF Global

Gridwall Wall Adapters

Designed to work with editing gridwalls, these adapters protect oscillating power tools from retail theft. 

Slatwall wall adapter from RTF Global

Slatwall Wall Adapters

Available in two colors, our Slatwall wall adapters blend seamlessly with your existing setup. 

Achieve Oscillating Power Tool Theft Prevention with RTF Global

Many types of tools make their way into your hardware store inventory. At RTF Global, we make sure every type of tool is well protected with custom solutions you can count on to protect your bottom line. We can customize your retail anti-theft display solution to protect your build oscillating power tools against theft. 


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