The Nokia X30 is an all-new, eco-friendly smartphone from the experts at Nokia, and as such, it’s a high-ticket item for retailers. Unfortunately, because of the value of smartphones, theft is common, and protecting the Nokia X30 from retail theft is essential for mobile retailers looking to minimize losses. 

How to Secure the Nokia X30 From Retail Theft

Even with surveillance cameras and security guards, smartphone theft can still occur. The best way to eliminate theft is to integrate innovative anti-theft devices for your Nokia X30 smartphones. Thankfully, RTF Global offers several cutting-edge security devices that allow you to display the Nokia X30 easily and attractively for customers, all while virtually eliminating the potential for theft.  

Nokia X30 Retail Display Solutions

At RTF Global, we believe in keeping our anti-theft solutions simple to use and effective, while allowing for a variety of customization depending on your preference. Customize the height, design, security level, and more when you choose from our line of premium anti-theft devices.  

Vise HD Flip used to secure Nokia X30 phones from theft

Vise HD Flip™

Our patent pending HD Flip enables customers to view both the front and back side of smartphones while still effectively eliminating theft! Its soft touch flip mechanism allows for 180-degree flip action, and its user-friendly features make it simple to install and customize.

Features of the HD Flip

  • Allows customers to view the cameras, colours, etc. on the back of the device 
  • Openable only with proprietary key 
  • Wide range of sizes to accommodate all smartphones, including the Nokia X30 
  • Damping mechanism for smooth operation 
  • Incorporated quick release for easy removal 
Vise HD anti-theft devices for Nokia X30 phones

Vise HD™

The Vise HD is available in a variety of sizes for different devices and has custom options for height and levels of customer interaction. It features a solid steel construction with locking arms that can only be opened by a proprietary key. 

Features of the Vise HD

  • Openable only with a proprietary key 
  • Hidden lock & key mechanism for added security 
  • M6 studs to securely anchor your display 
  • Wide, 80mm arms to accommodate a variety of devices, including Nokia X30 
  • Integrated charging to allow for quick and easy charging 
Vise 5 anti-theft device for Nokia X30 phones

Vise 5 TM

The most universal mobile device security system in the world, the Vise 5 uses a modular construction to fit virtually any device and any store fixture. You can customize its security level to allow customers various levels of interaction with the device. 

Features of the Vise 5

  • Available in both black and white designs 
  • Adjustable arms fit virtually any device, including Nokia X30 
  • Mechanical locks ensure complete security 
  • Multiple display options, with low-profile and high-angle mounts 
  • Optional built-in alarm system alerts you to potential theft 

Prevent Nokia X30 Theft with RTF Global

Our range of mobile anti-theft devices for smartphones make displaying smartphones like the Nokia X30 easy, with quality construction, multiple security features, and clean designs that display merchandise in its best light. Browse our selection of mobile anti-theft devices today and secure the future of your business with RTF Global. 


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