Milwaukee power tools secured to retail displays

Retail Display Solutions for Milwaukee Power Tools

When it comes to quality, longevity, and reliability, Milwaukee stands as one of the top brands in power tools. Because of their popularity, integrating theft prevention for Milwaukee power tools is crucial for your business operations. 

Milwaukee tools hold their resale value well because they are built to last, but this popularity also means Milwaukee power tools are prone to theft. If you own a hardware store with Milwaukee tools on display, securing your product while allowing customers to hold and interact with the tools to make decisions about purchases is important. Merchandise security options from RTF allow customers to easily interact with the tools while still protecting them from theft.  

Complete Display Solutions for Milwaukee Power Tools Theft Protection

RTF Global offers complete display solutions for Milwaukee power tools that makes it easy to build a more protective setup for your branded merchandise displays. The three-part setup consists of wall adapters, recoilers, and cable locks, which can work together to protect Milwaukee power drills, circular saws, electric sanders, and more.

Recoiler used to secure Milwaukee power tools from RTF Global

Security Display Recoilers

Display recoilers contain a coiled cable that can be looped around or through Milwaukee power tools so they can’t be fully removed from a display. Customers can still interact with the tools, but the sturdy cable prevents the risk of theft.

Security Display Recoiler Features 

  • Aircraft-strength cable
  • Can be used with an alarm and battery or mechanical
  • Available in different lengths, such as 3 or 5 feet
RTF Global Wall adapter attached to a retail display

Wall Adapters

Wall adapters are available in different types, each designed to attach securely to whatever existing display you have in place. These wall adapters make it easy to create a complete display solution without making drastic changes to existing hardware displays.

Wall Adapter Features 

  • Available in different finishes and colors
  • Adapters available for multiple types of displays, including ped boards, slat walls, Unistrut, grids, and more
  • Slim size that doesn’t require a lot of space
RTF Global silver cable lock

Cable Lock

The finishing touch in the complete display solution is the cable lock. Crafted with high-grade materials, this lock slips over the end of the cable to secure it in place once it has been wrapped around the Milwaukee tools on display.

Cable Lock Features 

  • Protects the end of the cable against fraying ends
  • Available in different finishes to match existing displays
  • Designed for the utmost protection

Milwaukee Power Tools Security Customized to your Retail Display

Wall adapters ensure that whatever type of display you have in place, you can add the necessary recoilers and anti-theft devices to keep Milwaukee tools safe. RTF Global provides multiple types of wall adapters so integrating theft protection does not require extensive display reconfigurations.

Unistrut wall adapter from RTF Global


Designed to work with Unistrut framing, Unistrut metal wall adapters have a durable build to protect Milwaukee power tools. 

Pegboard wall adapter by RTF Global

Pegboard Wall Adapter

Pick the proper color to match an existing pegboard with pegboard wall adapters. 

Gridwall wall adapter from RTF Global


Attach gridwall wall adapters to the gridwall used your store for a seamless transition to a higher level of Milwaukee protection.

Slatwall wall adapter from RTF Global


Ensure recoilers are attached to a slatwall wall adapter in one of two colors for a comprehensive retail display.

Prevent the Theft of Milwaukee Power Tools with RTF Global

Protecting valuable inventory in your retail environment is a first-line strategy to protect the sustainability of your business. When it comes to protecting top brands like Milwaukee from theft, be sure to trust the tried-and-true anti-theft devices for hardware stores from RTF Global. Reach out to our well-versed team for help with building a complete security solution for your Milwaukee power tools.


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