With its sleek design, powerful performance, and cutting-edge features, it’s no surprise that the Lenovo Tab Pro is a prime target for theft in electronics stores. To combat this issue, retailers must prioritize the security of their Lenovo Tab Pro demo devices without negatively impacting the customer experience. Implementing effective anti-theft solutions, such as those offered by RTF Global, is essential in preventing theft and safeguarding these valuable devices. 

Lenovo Tab Pro Retail Security Solutions 

At RTF Global, we recognize the significance of safeguarding valuable devices such as the Lenovo Tab Pro, all the while offering appealing in-store displays for customer engagement. In contrast to conventional retail security measures that limit the tablet’s functionality, our solutions are purposefully engineered to ensure the protection of your store’s demo devices while preserving a seamless and enjoyable customer experience, ultimately safeguarding your bottom line. 


Tab Pro security device

Vise5+, the tablet application within our Vise 5™ product line, harnesses robust locking arms to accommodate tablets of various sizes. It upholds the proven security elements of the Vise5, incorporating an aircraft cable recoiler and our signature steel Vise for unparalleled strength and protection. 

Key Features of Vise5+: 

  • Quick and hassle-free installation and removal process. 
  • Robust and adjustable arms capable of accommodating tablets of various sizes. 
  • Option to select the Q-arm for enhanced protection from all viewing angles. 
  • Customizable security settings to align with your specific requirements. 
  • Choose between a discreet low-profile mount or a high-angle alternative. 
  • Available in both black and white to seamlessly complement your retail display’s aesthetics. 

Protect Your Lenovo Tab Pro Demo Devices with RTF Global 

When you partner with RTF Global, you ensure the safety and security of your electronic devices. Our experienced team is dedicated to equipping you with all the necessary tools to safeguard your Lenovo Tab Pro demo devices, offering you the reassurance that your financial interests are well-guarded. Contact us today to explore the details. 


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