Securing the iPhone 14 Series in Your Mobile Store

As a phone that holds one of the best resale value, the iPhone is a notorious target for retail theft. The latest addition to the Apple mobile lineup, the iPhone 14 Series, requires mobile retailers to invest in anti-theft solutions that will protect their inventory.

Customers who are planning to invest a large amount of money into a new iPhone 14 phone want to interact with it before making a purchase. However, these high-value devices cannot be left unsecured in a retail environment. RTF Global has the most innovative retail security solutions to support all the latest additions to the iPhone collection.

Apple iPhone 14 Series Retail Display Solutions

Securing the iPhone 14 Series phones requires the perfect combination of display and security. Thankfully, RTF Global has a collection of iPhone anti-theft devices that heighten security while creating attractive displays customers can interact with in your retail environment.

HD Flip anti-theft device for mobile retailers

Vise HD FlipTM

The Vise HD Flip is our newest anti-theft device for mobile phones. It features 180-degree flipping action, so customers can view any iPhone 14 phone features while being protected against theft.

Features of the Vise HD Flip

  • Solid steel Vise locks
  • Adjustable arms
  • 180-degree flipping
  • Auto-return to resting position
  • Easy installation
Vise HD by RTF Global securing an iPhone 14


The Vise HD is well-regarded for its ability to offer optimal security for high-value mobile devices. Built with a low-profile mount and claws that lock into place, Vise HD keeps iPhone 14 phones held in place.

Features of the Vise HD

  • Wide, 80mm arms
  • Can be outfitted with an integrated charger
  • Accessible only by a proprietary key
  • Contains a concealed lock-and-key security function
  • M6 studs keep the mount post securely in place
Vise 5 by RTF Global securing an iPhone 14

Vise 5TM

Available in black and white, the Vise 5 is built with a low-profile display post and phones are held securely in place in a way that protects from theft and seamlessly fits into retail displays.

Features of the Vise 5

  • High-angle mounts with a low-profile design
  • An adjustable lock suitable for any iPhone size
  • Aircraft cable recoiler ensures absolute security
  • Can be outfitted with a built-in alarm
  • Arms are fully adjustable

Prevent Apple iPhone 14 Series Theft with RTF Global

When your store stocks devices like the iPhone 14 Series, proper protection ensures protection for your bottom line. Adapting retail displays to function with the latest devices can be a challenge, but RTF Global is here to help you stay current with the best retail security solutions. Be confident your latest Apple products are well protected by trusting your inventory with RTF Global’s anti-theft solutions.


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