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If you carry the new iPhone 13 Pro Max in your retail store, it’s important to add an extra layer of security to prevent this high-value item from being a target of store theft. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is a small, easy-to-conceal item that, as any electronics retailer knows, carries a lot of value in both the world of legitimate retail and the black market. If left unprotected, this smartphone is wide-open invitation to would-be thieves, which is why RTF Global has developed robust retail security solutions for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. 

RTF Global iPhone 13 Max Pro Secure Display Options

We at RTF Global understand that you need an in-store anti-theft system that will deter potential shoplifters without interfering with the store display of your high-value merchandise to your customers. This is why we offer cutting edge anti-theft technologies like the Vise HD and Vise 5 that provide the security benefits you need to secure the iPhone 13 Pro Max in your retail store without limiting the use of the smartphone.

Vise HD FlipTM

HD Flip anti-theft device for mobile retailers

The Vise HD Flip is a revolutionary security device for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. It features 180-degree flipping action, granting customers visibility and mobility to examine the camera, colour, and other features without compromising security. Let your customers handle the phone, flip it over and inspect features – all while keeping security top-of-mind. With the Vise HD Flip, you never have to worry about iPhone 13 Pro Max theft again.

Secure the iPhone 13 Pro Max with Vise HD Flip 

Key Features of the Vise HD Flip Include: 

  • 180-degree flipping
  • Auto-return to resting position
  • Easy installation
  • Solid steel Vise locks
  • Adjustable arms
  • Requires a security key for access


Vise HD retail security solution for iPhone 13 Pro Max - RTF Global

The Vise HD is a secure way to enable shoppers to test and try the iPhone 13 Max Pro for themselves. The Vise HD offers our highest level of security, and is available in sleek, low-profile or higher-angle, taller versions made to suit your retail display design. At 80 mm (3¼”) the footprint of the Vise HD can be widely extended to fit a variety of smartphones, including the iPhone 13 Pro Max. It also contains M6 studs that are stronger than the industry standard, ensuring lasting security. 

Lasting iPhone Security, Guaranteed with Vise HD 

The robust security system integrated into the Vise HD makes it extremely unlikely that any shoplifter would be able to remove an iPhone 13 Pro Max from its mounting slot without notice. Moreover, unlike clumsy alternative anti-theft systems, not only does the Vise HD look good, but its lock-and-key mechanism is cleverly hidden from the view of all but those who would deliberately go looking for it. We are so confident in the effectiveness of the Vise HD that we offer our clients a full non-theft guarantee. 

Secure the iPhone 13 Pro Max with Vise HD 

Key features of the Vise HD include: 

  • Hidden lock & key mechanism 
  • Operated by a proprietary key 
  • M6 studs to secure the display post 
  • Wide arms (80 mm) 

Vise 5TM

Vise 5 retail security solution for iPhone 13 Pro Max - RTF Global

The Vise 5 offers a high level of security when displaying the iPhone 13 Pro Max. With secure horizontal locking arms, you can display the smartphone while allowing continuous charging with an iPhone USB-C charger for uninterrupted use in-store. With a slim and sleek design, the Vise 5 was made to showcase high-end electronics like the iPhone 13 Pro Max, rather than the security device itself. 

Secure the iPhone 13 Pro Max with Vise 5 

Key Features of the Vise 5 Include: 

  • Versatile design with tough-to-remove adhesive tape and extendable locking arms (extending up from 2.65” – 3.30”), suitable for securing the iPhone 13 Pro Max. 
  • Easy to install on store displays, though tough to remove. 
  • Tethered with a mechanical aircraft recoiler for added security. 
  • Equipped with an alarm system to deter theft. 

Prevent iPhone 13 Pro Max Theft with RTF Global 

To learn more about retail security solutions for the iPhone 13 Pro Max or any of our other mobile anti-theft devices, look no further than our team of dedicated professionals at RTF Global. As true industry leaders, we stand behind our products and make it our goal to meet your retail security needs. 


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