iPad secured by the Vise 5+ from RTF Global.

Apple’s line of iPads, which include the iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad Mini, has gained immense popularity as versatile and powerful tablet devices. Their extensive range of functionalities caters effectively to both personal and professional use. With its sleek design and lightweight construction, the iPad is highly portable, which unfortunately makes it an attractive and easy target for theft. This presents electronic retailers with the challenge of safeguarding their inventory while allowing customers to try out these high-value devices before purchasing them.

iPad Retail Security Solutions

At RTF Global, we understand the importance of protecting high-value devices like the iPad while maintaining attractive retail displays that customers can interact with. Unlike other retail security solutions that restrict the full use of tablets, our solutions are designed to simultaneously protect your inventory without impeding the customer experience, safeguarding your bottom line.


iPad secured by the Vise5.

The Vise5+ is the tablet application of our Vise 5™ product line that utilizes strong locking arms to accommodate tablets of all sizes. It retains the same trusted security features as the Vise5, with an aircraft cable recoiler and our signature steel Vise for maximum strength.

Key Features of Vise5+ Include:

  • Effortless installation and swift removal procedure
  • Sturdy and adaptable arms to accommodate tablets of all kinds
  • Choose the optional Q-arm for bolstered protection from all viewing angles
  • Adjust the security level according to your preferences
  • Pick between a discreet low-profile mount or a high-angle alternative
  • Available in black or white to perfectly complement your device’s aesthetics

Safeguard Your iPad inventory with RTF’s Anti-Theft Solutions

By choosing to work with RTF Global, you can guarantee the protection and security of your electronic devices. Our knowledgeable team is here to provide you with everything you need to safeguard your iPad inventory and give you peace of mind knowing that your bottom line is being protected. Get in touch with us today to learn more.


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