Securing the Huawei P40 in Your Mobile Store

The Huawei P40 mobile phone is in high demand with customers who know what they want in a mobile phone and especially those who want quality and great value. While the price of the Huawei P40 is highly competitive compared to many other high-end phones on the market, retail stores still need to make sure that it is secure when on display. That’s why RTF Global’s anti-theft devices for mobile stores are also in high demand.

Huawei P40 Retail Display Solutions

RTF Global offers the most thoroughly tested, proven, and trusted retail display security options to help make your merchandise secure, prevent theft, and damage, and protect your bottom line. Our theft prevention security for mobile stores is meticulously designed to meet your display needs while also establishing an optimal level of product security.

Vise HD Flip used to secure Hauwei P40 phones from theft

Vise HD FlipTM

The latest in our collection of anti-theft solutions, the Vise HD Flip makes it possible for customers to move and rotate the phone a full 180 degrees while keeping it securely fixed to the display. This lets the customer get a good look at the product before purchase while maintaining a secure connection to your display stand.

Features of the Vise HD Flip

  • Easy installation
  • Security key needed for access
  • 180-degree rotation
  • Automatically returns to the resting position
  • Adjustable to fit all size phones
Vise HD anti-theft devices for Huawei phones


This highly secure anti-theft device is designed to lock the Huawei P40 in place using adjustable grips for the most secure grip possible. This potent security solution is among the most restrictive available, as it holds the product in a fixed position from which it cannot be moved. This security solution is recommended for locations where theft attempts are highly likely to occur.

Features of the Vise HD

  • The display post is secured using high-grade M6 studs
  • Features integrated phone-charging
  • The 80mm arms allow for a perfect phone fit
  • A proprietary key for access is required
  • Inconspicuous lock and key mechanism 
Vise 5 by RTF Global securing a Huawei P40

Vise 5TM

Offering an excellent middle ground between the two security levels represented by the Vise HD and the Vise HD Flip, the Vise 5 holds the phone securely in place without any gripper arms obscuring the customer’s view of the front of the phone. It is available in white and black.

Vise 5 Features

  • Adjustable arms offer the best fit
  • Aircraft-grade recoiler offers high strength
  • An optional alarm system is available
  • Adjusts to smartphones of all sizes
  • High angle mounting with a low-profile design

Prevent Huawei P40 Theft with Help from RTF Global

As the mobile phone market offers more and more advanced technology, security for retailers becomes an increasingly serious issue. To maintain the security of your inventory, RTF Global continues to deliver innovative solutions for the rapidly changing mobile phone market. Stay ahead of retail theft with RTF Global’s ever-changing line of security products and protect your bottom line!


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