Home Depot power tools secured with anti-theft devices from RTF Global

Home Depot is a successful, worldwide hardware store offering consumers a broad range of products from power tools and accessories to home remodeling products and hardware. Like all merchants, Home Depot understands customer interaction is vital to sales. Few people spend money on items they cannot touch or handle. Naturally, the negative side of this is the potential for financial loss through theft. RTF Global security display solutions for Home Depot have successfully addressed this problem for this retail giant.

RTF Security Display Solutions at Home Depot

For many years, power tools have been consistently targeted by thieves, due to their ever-increasing value on the black market. Therefore, Home Depot and similar retailers must take proactive steps to halt theft in its tracks whenever possible.

The other side of this issue is that power tool displays must be inviting and appealing to customers, and shoppers must be able to interact with the products they are considering buying. That’s why Home Depot’s goal–and the goal of virtually all retailers–is to create attractive, eye-catching displays that let customers approach and touch inventory, without high theft incidence.

RTF Global recognizes that diverse and adaptable power tool security solutions are imperative for merchants and our devices are designed in a way that makes them easy to install, but difficult to remove. They can also be customized for various brands or tools without any complicated steps.

Theft Prevention for Home Depot Stores

The top-notch security solutions offered by RTF Global to companies like Home Depot were created to keep valuable merchandise safe and consistently reduce inventory shrink. The customized retail theft prevention devices utilized by various Home Depot stores blend seamlessly into the establishment’s displays while allowing shopper interaction with the merchandise line.


For instance, ToolGuard, a patented anti-theft recoiler, can be contained in different wall adapters, allowing customers to handle various tools, without compromising the security of the products. It’s easy to integrate this solution with many different types of displays, including grid walls, slatwalls, and pegboards. This money-saving option can protect almost any tool, including:

  • Sanders
  • Power saws
  • Grinders
  • Fastening tools
  • Impact drivers
  • Power drills
  • Accessories

Peg Lock and Locking Hook System

Another popular RTF device used by Home Depot stores is our Peg Lock and Locking Hook System. It’s an ideal device for power tools and their accessories that would otherwise be a prime target for theft. When integrated with slatwalls, these hooks must be unlocked with keys, keeping inventory protected and safe at all times. Batteries, chargers, hand tools, and saw blades can all be secured with this device.

Prevent the Theft of Power Tools with RTF Global

RTF Global’s anti-theft devices for power tools keep your product line safe, without interfering with customer interaction with your valuable products. The experts on our team have designed and installed these security system displays for over two decades and serve a broad range of retail establishments. RTF Security Display Solutions at Home Depot is just one example. These same adaptable solutions can be designed for your establishment as well! Call us today to discover more about these highly effective hardware retail store anti-theft devices.


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