Secure High-Value Heat Guns in Your Hardware Store

Heat guns can range in size and price, and these tools are no doubt an important part of a hardware store‘s inventory. Unfortunately, heat guns can also be prone to theft much like many other tools. If you are a hardware store retailer looking to strengthen your loss prevention strategy, RTF Global can help with anti-theft solutions for heat guns. 

Security devices that hinder the customer experience can negatively impact sales. When purchasing high-value items like heat guns, customers are looking to touch, hold, and examine the product. With RTF Global’s security recoilers, your customers can easily pick up products while it is safely secured to its retail display. Our recoilers can be customized to work with any retail displays in your store.

RTF Global Security Options for Heat Guns

Customers who shop in hardware stores prefer to interact with tools before making a purchase. By integrating RTF Global’s Tool Guard™ anti-theft recoilers, customers retain the ability to handle the tools on display, but those tools cannot be taken.

Recoiler used to secure heat guns from RTF Global

RTF Security Display Recoilers

Tool Guard recoilers contain a coiled aircraft cable that extends when a tool is pulled and retracts when the tool is placed back on the display. Simply loop the recoiler through the heat gun handle and secure it in place. 

Features of Security Display Recoilers

  • Comes with built-in protection for a battery 
  • Available in different lengths (3 and 5 feet) 
  • Can pick a recoiler with a self-contained alarm or simple mechanical operation 
  • Cable is crafted from aircraft-grade materials 
RTF Wall Adapters

RTF Wall Adapters

Pick the wall adapter that works with your existing setup to securely and inconspicuously house recoilers in place. RTF wall adapters come in different styles and colors. 

Features of Wall Adapters

  • Compact design that can integrate easily to retail displays 
  • Available for peg boards, gridwalls, slat walls, and more 
  • Available in different colors 

RTF Cable Locks

Cable locks attach to the end of the aircraft cable tether to secure it and prevent fraying. Simply clamp the lock in place after attaching the tether to the heat gun.

Cable Lock Features

  • Pick the color that works for your display 
  • Protects cables from fraying and hands from injury 
  • Available as part of the overall solution 

Heat Guns Security Customized to Your Retail Displays

RTF Global provides wall adapters that coincide with multiple types of retail store fixtures. These adapters are specifically designed to integrate as seamlessly as possible with existing setups.

Gridwall Wall Adapter

Protect heat guns from retail theft with gridwall wall adapters from RTF Global. 

Slatwall Wall Adapter

Pick from two Slatwall wall adapter colors to integrate recoilers into your Slatwall display setup.

Unistrut wall adapter for retail displays

Unistrut Wall Adapter

Integrate security tethers and recoilers into existing Unistrut displays with no hassle.

Pegboard Wall Adapter

Use the pegboard wall adapters to secure heat guns to pegboard displays.

Protect Your Heat Gun Inventory with RTF Global

From heat guns and other small tools to larger inventory, RTF Global works with hardware stores to make sure they have the right security solutions in place. Be sure to take a look at our entire collection of anti-theft devices at RTF Global. 


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