Secure High-Value Handheld Vacuums in Your Hardware Store

Handheld vacuums are a must to have on hand in garages, and these units have grown to be far more advanced and powerful than ever. Along with the better level of functions naturally comes a higher price tag. Therefore, handheld vacuums can be targeted for theft in hardware stores.

Customers who want to invest in a handheld vacuum unit like to pick up the item, examine its features, and make an educated decision about their purchase. However, vacuums should also be adequately secured to deter problems with theft. RTF Global’s handheld vacuum theft prevention solutions ensure secured inventory and functional displays.

RTF Global Security Options for Handheld Vacuums

When you create the optimal anti-theft system for handheld vacuums, you can rest assured that your inventory is protected. RTF Global has different systems and devices to help you create the best level of security for your inventory.

Recoiler used to secure electric shears from RTF Global

Security Display Recoilers

Recoilers contain a durable, tamper-resistant cable that tethers to the handheld vacuum and then automatically recoils when the item is placed back on its display. Our recoilers come in different lengths and can have different features depending on the units you pick.

Features of Security Display Recoilers

  • Available in varying lengths, including 3 and 5 feet
  • Works with different wall adapters for seamless integration
  • Crafted of durable, aircraft-grade cable
  • Can have integrated battery protection, a self-contained alarm, or basic mechanical functions
RTF Global pegboard wall adapter used to secure handheld vacuums

Wall Adapters

Designed to house the recoilers for tethering and keep it concealed, RTF Global offers different wall adapters to coincide with unique types of existing fixtures. Each adapter comes in different styles and colors.

Features of Wall Adapters

  • Available in silver and black
  • Modern design with a sleek, inconspicuous appearance
  • Adapters available for gridwalls, slatwalls, Unistrut, and pegboards
  • Made of heavy-duty materials
RTF Global cable lock

Cable Lock

The cable lock houses the aircraft cable which is looped around the handheld vacuum and then locked into place by the cable lock. Our cable lock provides secure high-level protection without exposing the frayed, sharp ends of the aircraft cable.

Features of the Cable Lock

  • Available in multiple colours
  • Protection against frayed sharp ends
  • Included in the solution

Handheld Vacuums Security Customized for Your Retail Displays

Regardless of the type of retail display you currently use in your store, we make sure you can find an adapter to work with recoilers for a secure display. The following wall adapters seamlessly work with the displays you already have to offer optimal theft-prevention.

Slatwall wall adapter for retail displays


Attach handheld vacuums to aircraft-grade recoilers on your existing slatwall setup.

Gridwall wall adapter for retail displays from RTF Global


Make sure vacuums are tightly secured to existing retail gridwalls with gridwall adapters.

Pegboard wall adapter for retail displays


Pick from silver or black pegboard adapters to house recoilers for handheld vacuums.

Unistrut wall adapter for retail displays


Integrate an adapter to your unistrut display for recoiler tethering to handheld vacuums.

Prevent Theft of Handheld Vacuums in Your Hardware Store with RTF Global

Handheld vacuums can be costly inventory, so protecting this valuable inventory in your hardware store is a must. RTF Global brings clients the full collection of anti-theft devices and solutions to ensure store displays are just as secure as they are attractive. Looking to add a new layer of proactive security to your store displays? Take a look at the extensive collection of anti-theft devices for hardware stores available from RTF Global. Contact us today and learn how our recoilers can protect your hardware store inventory.


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