Secure High-Value Hand Tools in your Hardware Store

Some would say hand tools are the building blocks of a well-stocked toolbox. Hardware store owners would tell you that hand tools are highly prone to theft. While screwdrivers, hammers, and other hand tools may seem to be the least concern when it comes to theft, hand tool theft prevention is critical. These tools are often small enough to conceal, retain their retail value well, and can be relatively expensive.

While allowing customers to interact with hand tools is undeniably important to sales, adequate theft prevention is a must. RTF Global offers industry-standard security solutions to ensure every hand tool on display is rightly protected. 

RTF Global Security Options for Hand Tools

A pegboard hook and lock system is easily the best way to keep hand tools protected. Most hand tools are displayed on hooks attached to a pegboard. This allows for an organized display and merchandise customers can easily view. Adding peg locks or locking peg hooks from RTF Global prevents the merchandise from being slipped from the hook and stolen.

Peg locks used to secure hand tools to pegboard retail displays

Peg Locks

Peg locks attach to existing peg hooks to prevent items from being slipped from the hook by customers. Designed to work with existing pegboard store fixtures, these are an economical investment for theft prevention for hand tools.

Peg Lock Features

  • Newly updated models are available 
  • Clean white color 
  • The locking mechanism is simplistic but highly secure 
  • Requires a unique key for magnetic release 
Locking peg hook used to secure hand tools onto pegboard retail displays

Locking Peg Hooks

Locking peg hooks are all-in-one hooks that have the lock made onto the hook. These slip into your existing hardware store pegboards. Add the hook, hang the hand tools from the hook, and lock the display.

Locking Peg Hook Features

  • Provide a usable display length of 8 1/4 inches 
  • Full hook length is 9 1/4 inches 
  • Durable design works well for heavier tools 
  • Interchangeable with standard hooks 
Magnetic key used to unlock hand tools from pegboard hook and lock system

Magnetic Peg Lock Key

Magnetic peg lock detacher keys are the necessary mechanism to disengage the peg locks on either standalone locks or locking peg hooks. Use the key when customers want to interact with the merchandise.

Magnetic Peg Lock Key Features

  • Black inconspicuous color and design 
  • Slim enough for safe keeping in an employee’s pocket 
  • Attaches to a store keyring 

Prevent Hand Tools Theft in Your Hardware Store with RTF Global

When it comes to loss prevention in your hardware store, RTF Global is a leading name in the industry. A well-designed loss-prevention plan involves a multifaceted approach, and hand tool theft prevention may require certain fixtures to achieve the best protection. The pegboard lock and hook system are cost-effective and visually appealing to customers. Contact us today to discuss your needs and how we can help protect your hand tool inventory from theft.


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